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Is all lost with the Guyver?


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I've read an article in Japanese and there is insinuation that there are some issues between the author and the editorial staff.  The article is right here if you're interested:

現在漫画「強殖装甲ガイバー」打ち切り理由や休載理由はなぜ?連載再開(最終回)しない?最新刊33巻はいつ? (dennsisyosekisokuhou.com)

You can use google translate if you want a rough translation of what it said, but it basically disproves reasons of health of the author.   The gist of it is that Guyver is 80% complete, and the author is fully motivated to complete the story.  The publisher only mentions the series as suspended without giving any other reason, which is very unusual, and may point to internal conflicts.  The article doesn't answer any questions, and only presents theories about its status.

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No. All is not lost. So long as there're fans who remain passionate Guyver will always have a fighting chance.

Granted Guyver is not the most accessible series at the moment, so garnering new fans will prove to be a challenge. However, all that means is that we'll have to promote it the old fashioned way via word of mouth. For instance it's not that hard to work Guyver into a casual conversation, especially regarding anime. If you notice someone you know is casually into anime bring up Guyver. If you're going to an anime convention to meet people bring up Guyver. You can even take it a step further by wearing Guyver themed merch to potentially catch someone's attention. Guyver is only lost if our passion wanes, and we simply forget about it. 

For me that'll never happen because a Guyver never dies. 

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I have strongly suspected that Yoshiki Takaya will come back. That this period of inactivity is for his own health but also to figure how to truly end the series. 


This is just me, but to create such a series like the Guyver over so many years, decades and just walk away from it doesn't work. He will finish it because artists dont like unfinished products. It will eat at them until they do. 

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