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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

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Marvel does have a tendency to propel obscure characters into a very enjoyable movie.  Perhaps the success of the previous movies have spoiled the general public because of how high they set the bar.  I'd like to think of this as NOT an "Avenger" movie so I'm not going to have any expectations.  I don't look at the Marvel movies as an individual movie anymore that I need to rate each and everyone of them, but rather like an hour plus long series with its highs and lows.  

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Shang Chi is a less popular hero who is a martial arts master. Even more so than Iron fist. He isn't new either he's been around for a couple decades at least. Before 90s I want to say.

I'm guessing marvel wants to bring attention to all of the lesser known characters n I w that they had the original avengers arc done. Falcon (to me) was never that big a character in the comics, heck, he couldn't even fly at first, he was just a street brawler. I think he got big after introducing him in the captain America winter soldier movie, but I could be wrong.

Us agent is the same thing, never left a big impression after his 1st introduction arc.


Sad they treated mandarin the way they did in Ironman 3, but indid enjoy me some trevor.

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6 minutes ago, Salkafar said:

I meant that Marvel has now become self-referential.

I liked him as a villain, even if I did not like the way he looked.

He does look different. I guess they were aiming for his old look I take it.

Question! Was that the Mandarin that we saw in the trailer? 


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19 hours ago, Mr.Dawn said:

Was that the Mandarin that we saw in the trailer? 


Yes and no. Shang-Chi traditionally was the son of Fu Manchu; Marvel owned the rights to use him back in the Seventies. They lost those rights later, or they just lapsed, so they re-named him 'Zheng Zu' (but always added "Although that is not your real name, Father" or something). Now, Fu Manchu was only one of several Yellow Peril characters at Marvel and not nearly the most interesting one. And they wanted to use the Mandarin but they didn't know how without offending the Chinese, so they resolved it rather creatively in 'Iron Man 3'. But now they just fused Fu Manchu/ Zheng Zu and the Mandarin into Wen Wu, who has nothing in common with either character (but whatever).

Not muh Mandarin is what I say.


15 hours ago, Larz Zahn said:

Abomination v2 looks soooo much worse.

Well, he IS an abomination... and 'Immortal Hulk' is a horror book.

I was hoping for the original and the clone to merge. The clone is basically a suit, after all.

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