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Anime you are currently watching and/or Downloading

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We used to have a thread just like this back on GBoard. Here's mine.

Currently watching and Downloading - *means DL and Watching, **means just watching, ***means already finished, and ****means starting soon

Casshern SINS*



Enjine Sentai Go-onger (DLing the rest fo the series before I continue watching)*

Kamen Rider Kiva*

Zoids Chaotic Century**

Zoids Genesis (Eps.1-26)*

Zoids Fuzors****

Kamen Rider Kabuto*

D.Gray-Man (this series just ended a week or so ago)***


Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl*

Rosario+Vampire Capu2*

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 2*

Kamen no Maid Guy*

Kamen Rider Ryuki*

Slayer Revolution**

That's it for me right now

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dragon ball is ridiculous. but fun.

There were issues licensing the Openings for Zeta. Heck, there were subtitling issues too, until they released the second version of the English release. But my original Box Set has what is described

Finally watching famous Dragon Ball Z series (Japanese version) and love it. Dudes blowing up planets and then can't even hold a falling minivan properly - that's fun to watch   He has over 8000 po

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I wouldn't say a whole lotta bandwidth. All those series are DL in interverls. All the Zoids series and Kamen Rider Kabuto are batch torrents which puts them at GB size files instead of MB size files. Hell the whole series Zoids Chaotic Century was a little over 15 GB when I DLed the whole thing.

The series I have actually finished DLing are:

Zoids Chaotic Century

Zoids New Century Zero

Slayers Revoultion


All the others I DL as the episodes are released and they're usually released on different days so it's not to bad on my computer. Epsecially when you consider that my actual computer HD has over 228 GB of space along with 2 EX HD's (1 has 74.5 GB of space and the 2nd one has 145 GB of space). Of course both of EX HD's are almost completely filled up so I need to start burning things to disc real soon.

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Our club president shows them in japanese subbed. I don't really like Paranoia Agent because I'm an action fan, and we;re on episode 6 and really no action. Black Lagoon is just kill kill kill! And can't tell you what the hell Karas is about, all I can say is its a six episode series and episode 3 and 5 were the best. t was a series made by adv films because there are a lot of sounds familiar to the ones in guyver. All of the fight scenes and enemies are cgi and look kinda cool. A lot of people at the club say it reminds them of Power Rangers. but it didn't remind me of them. As for One Piece, I watch it in japanese, then wait a couple of days for the subtitles

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im watching

any dexter lab i can find

any johnny bravo i can find

kamen rider kabuto

kamen rider black, i wanna finish it so i can start on rx.

danny phantom, i watched it then i downloaded it.

rurouni kenshin. the same as danny phantom.

im downloading,

kamen rider kiva

kamen rider ryuki, i watched the first 6 episodes and decided to grab it.

mighty ducks.

biker mice from mars, from veoh, not good quality.

various transformer series, like cars and headmasters.

bubble gum crisis

macross frontier

things im thinkin about downloading.

gundam 00

digimon season 1 and 3 maybe two.. cant decide.

spiderman unlimited, if i can find it.

spiderman spectacular. if i cant find it on dvd

ghost in the shell, i wanna see a few episodes first to make sure its something i like.

tekkaman. the same as ghost.

evanglion. same as ghost.

for live action series... i rather watch subbed, i so cant stand it when the voice and lips dont sinc up... i cant stand to watch some anime dubbed cause the dub isnt sinc'ed well.

for anime i like both. i watch the dubbed first then i watch the subbed. i like the small changes in the script, it really changes how you see some characters. like tenchi muyo's washu. she was funny dubbed. but in the subbed she had me crackin up!!

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i remember it alright... gosh... i never much liked them.. it was soo campy...

ya know... i dont remmeber what its called... it may be called superfreinds... its been a while.

i did see this commerical a few years back that had the superfriends wonderwoman and aquaman bein saved by the powerpuff girls. anyone here see that?

i think marvel is coming out with a new kids version.. i think it was called... marvel super squad.

it has... ironman spiderman, fantastic four, wolverine, captain america and the hulk. it was just a rumor tho so i hope its false.

you wanna watch a great show? then check out both seasons of justice league and justice league unlimited. they done an outstanding job there.

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I didn't really care for Justice League that much but JL Unlimited was pretty descent. I really like the episode called "epilogue" Which tells the future of Batman and how Batman Beyond actually came to be. That and I also like the last episode of the series where Batman and Superman make wise cracks at eachother.

Superman: "You must be going soft in you old age."

Batman: "Isn't there a tall building somewhere that you need to go leep?"

Oh Larz, I remember that commercial with Wonder Woman and Aquaman being saved by the PPG. I actually found that to be hillarious.

Oh, and you were right about there being a young Marvel team made up of kids. It's actually just an animated movie about the kids of the original Avengers. I think it's either called The Young Avengers or The New Avengers. If I remember correctly it features Wasps' son, Hawkeyes' kid, the son Cap and Black Widow, the Black Panthers kid, Thors' daughter, and the original Iron Man and Hulk (those two are aged into their 60's - 80's area.

So, yeah. They made one but it's not a TV series. Like I said, it's just a animated movie just like Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Ultimate Avengers, Batman, Superman Doomsday, Justice League. I just mentioned the series titles. Marvel and DC are really doing a good job with their animated movies.

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nah ur talking about the next avengers.

i saw that and i thought it was decent enough.

i really think this show is gonna be called marvel superhero squad... and i think its suppose to be SD....

i heard it on the radio one day... so i dont know if its real.

batman and superman in that show was brillant... and just any battle with superman in it... was just beautiful. especially with shazam. that was cool.

and that commerical... i had to do a double take.. i couldnt believe that they aired that on a kids network.

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man i ve like watched everything in the world.. damnit.. iam soo bored..

last show i just watched was macross frontier and its over now .. sigh @_@

start gintama its funny other then that everything is up to date for me .. !_!

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I now have a complete list of everything I've ever downloaded and what I'm still downloading. I'll just list the series and movies that are completed in this post (as there are A LOT)and the rest in my next post.

Note - anything in this list that has an * by it means that I either haven't watched it yet or haven't finished watching watching it and will be placed in bold.

Complete series, movie, & OVA's (Total Completed =92)

Digimon Savers

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai *

Kage Kara Mamoru

Moon Phase


SHUFFLE! Memories

Ghost Hunt


Busou Renkin

Guyver TV

Death Note


Otome wa Bokuni Koishiteru

Oban Star-Racers

Akihabara @ Deep *


Soul Link *

Demonbane TV *

Bokura ga Ita *

Okusama wa Joushi Kousei *


Good Witch of the West

Dancouga Nova *

Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny

Ikkitousen Great Guardians *


Powerpuff Girls Z *

He is my Master


School Days

Lovely Complex

Kaze no Stigma

Kaibutsu Oujo

El Cazador de la Bruja *

Night Wizard *

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger

GoGo Sentai Boukenger

Pocket Monsters Movie #8

Rockman EXE The Movie

Inuyasha Movie #4

Full Metal Alchemist The Movie

Guyver OVA "Out of Control"

Hellsing Ultimate #1

Hellsing Ultimate #2

Kamen Rider Faiz

Kamen Rider Blade

Kamen Rider Kabuto *

Kamen Rider Den-O

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1

Mahou Sentai Magiranger The Movie "Bride of Infershia"

Magiranger vs. Dekaranger

Sky Girls OVA

Final fantasy VII "Last Order"

Natsuiro no Sunadokei OVA 1&2


Yu-Gi-Oh! 1st Series


Dual! *

Fate / Stay Night


Gundam X

Gundam 00 Season 1


Zoids Chaotic Century

Zoids: New Century Zero

Zoids Genesis

Kamen Rider The First

Kamen Rider The Next

Kamen Rider Den-O & Kiva ~ClimaxDeka~

I''s Pure

Itazura na Kiss


Slayers Revolution *

Special A

ToLOVERu - Trouble

Rebuild of Evangelion Movie #1 *

Megaman X "The Day of Sigma"


Fairy Musketeer Akazukin *

Gaiking *

Gigantic Formula *

Hatenkou Yugi *

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS *

Mai Otome Zwei *

Mai Otome

Murder Princess OVA *

Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ *

Omnyou Taisenki *

Samurai Pizza Cats

They Are My Noble Masters

Vampire Knight *

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Now here's my list of Uncomplete and/or unfinished series, movie, and OVA's. Sma ething from the last list applies to this one. anything that I'm not currently watching or haven't watched yet will have an * next to it and will be palced in bold.

Uncompleted Series, Movies, & OVA's (Total =24)

Pocket Monsters

Pocket Monsters Advanced Generations

Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl

Darker Than Black *

Gurren-Lagann *

Kamen Rider Kiva

Chaos Head

Enjine Sentai Go-onger *

Gintama *

Ultraman Nexus *

Jyu Oh Sei *

The 3rd Aoi Hitomino Shoujo *

Kannagi *

Kemeko DX *

Gundam 00 Season 2

Rosario + Vampire Capu2


Kamen Rider Ryuki

Ben 10 Alien Force

Kamen no Maid Guy

Lucky Star *



Seto no Hanayome *

Well, that's it. That's all the series I've ever Dled. In total I have over 115 series, movies, and OVA's (both completed and incomplete) downloaded.

What about you guys?

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