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Guin Saga certainly looks interesting. To be honest, I've only heard of this now. For a light novel that started in 1979 and still continuing, there has to be something that makes this series still alive and kicking. I bet this novel is even older than some of the guys here. Is there any translated version of this?

edit: nevermind, I found the english publisher for this.

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dragon ball is ridiculous. but fun.

There were issues licensing the Openings for Zeta. Heck, there were subtitling issues too, until they released the second version of the English release. But my original Box Set has what is described

Finally watching famous Dragon Ball Z series (Japanese version) and love it. Dudes blowing up planets and then can't even hold a falling minivan properly - that's fun to watch   He has over 8000 po

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Finished everything that isn't still on air except:

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae-It's getting retarded. The Japanese have no concept of willpower. If you don't want to pull a string, you don't have to. These idiots will send themselves to hell if they had a bad itch the last scene of the episode! I stopped on like the 5th episode because it's just not clever anymore, and they force the string pulling now, defying all logic.

Now Watching:

Dragonball Kai-So nostalgic

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood-Please show the end of the manga

Slayers Evolution-R-It's the same as it was 15 years ago.

Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger-It's like crack

Guin Saga-Guin Saga was one of the inspirations for Berserk. That alone should be enough reason to watch!

Bleach-This show hasn't been good since the Soul Society arc

One Piece-Always delivers, even the filler is entertaining

Naruto: Shippuden-in between fillers, it's nice to see the fights animated, but I really wish I could just skip all the filler

Synopsis of finished series:

Vampire Knight-absolute crap, lot of potential, ends up as crap. First conceited people exist so they can be shot down, not so you admire how pretty they are. Second, physical strength comes from muscles, so how do stick people have super human strength?. Third, if you are feeling a lot of emotions, you act on them, not whine and become emo for 3/4 of EVERY EPISODE, especially not when you have supernatural powers. Crying over spilt milk for the billionth time and continuing the statis quo of repressed emotions and paper thin mysteries is not plot progression. Fourth, if someone threatens your life, you don't get scared and act surprised when they do something bad later, you stop them shortly after they tell you they will hurt you. Fifth, when you have complex issues like what defines humanity and racial conflict, you don't have it take back see to teen drama, it's much more interesting. Sixth (Wow, I still have more to say) fights have to have some kind of conclusion on air even if it means one of your pretty vampires has to fall down and get dirt all over their precious face. I could go on and on *ugh* but I'm tired, and the other series can wait.

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Recently been watching K-on due to some curiosity as I have heard many mentions K-on. so far, only watched up til episode 4 and my reaction is still kinda "meh". I still haven't grasped the "moe-ness" which everyone is talking about.

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Shin Mazinger Z!-Old School

Gintama-I watched the latest episode out of curiosity. It was filler but ti was one of the best episodes of modern anime I've seen in a long time. I'd never heard or seen any of the characters before, but I instantly liked all of them within one episode. I'm definitely going to look into this more.

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Finished Saint Seiya Hades including Elysium-I didn't bother watching every episode of the original series because I knew the animation would infuriate me, the synopsis episode of Hades was enough for me before I read the manga. I really hope the Heaven arc is animated eventually.

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Currently following K-on, but not faithfully. Only watched till episode 6 as that's the only episode that is available to me. Not to mention I only watched it streaming and didn't bother to look for further episodes due to time constraints.

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Yeah, that series is a little wierd. It has some of the same animation style as most of the Digimon movies.

I'm still looking for a few more new series to watch but a lot of the ones coming recently haven't been very good. It's a good thing that I have plenty of anime on my cmputer and on blank disc's to watch that I haven't finished watching yet. I always give a series in anime a 3-5 episode trieal and if it looks worth watching I'll DL the whole series as its released and watch the rest later. Now if I really like it I'll watch it as I DL it.

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durendal :biggrin:

I was thinking the same way, but I decided to watch only the first episode - to look at animation and quality and stuff. And now I can't run away from it :biggrin:

p.s.: reached 52 episode.

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As of now i am currently watching:


*Rosario + Vampire*


*Black Blood Brothers*


*Yu Yu Hakusho*


*Wolf's Rain*

*Code Geass*

Shows that i am lookinf forward to watching:

*Trinity Blood*

*Monster Princess*


*Spice and Wolf*

*Blue Gender*


*Wagaya no Oinari-sama*

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Anime scenes been kind of slow. I'm all into Kamen Rider now. Finished Kabuto, going to finish Faiz and Decade soon, and starting Den-O.

Still keeping up with Guin Saga, which is still totally awesome in every possible way.

Shin Mazinger Z's artwork is still just stupid looking. Whatever era it was made, some characters are just too stupid for me to not want to brutally murder them with my bare hands. Hoping the action picks up soon.

Bleach is inserting filler at the worst times once again.

Naruto Shippuuden is getting to some really good fights, and it should be great if they don't mutilate it with filler in between.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood's pacing is perfect and it's exactly like the manga, I only pray that the story finishes and gets animated completely.

Dragonball Kai is great to watch even though I've seen it all for some reason.

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is a sequel I never expected but happily accept. I can easily understand why someone might not like this series, but at least 80% of it is hilarious to me.

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OH FOR THE LOVE OF PETE! They made another Dragonball series?! Great. Just great. Just what us Guyver fans need. Guyver being over shadowed again by DBZ *grumbles* :mad: as for anime I am currently watching, lets see

Avatar the Last Airbender - The Firebending Masters and Sozin's comet parts 1-4. And thats just about it for now. I plan to get the entire series thou

Everyonce and a while I get in the mood to watch the DBZ movies I have that have Future Trunks. Only because he is my favorite character due to his long hair.

I plan on getting Elfen Lied. To anyone that has seen it, is it any good?

Its not anime, but I am also watching Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law off my parents DVR. As much of a Guyver fan I am, I have to say I got tired watching the series and need to be in the mood to watch even my favorite battles. Same with Ghost in the Shell. Same with Witchblade to.

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Just downloaded fresh 416 episode of One Piece. So manga now on 557 chapter and this new episode is=522 chapter. I can't wait when they animate this new stuff. Events after 550 chapter are fantastic!

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Still doesn't dare lay hands on One piece. And Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is the only anime that I am downloading. Any other else I watch them streaming. I usually go to lifesgreatest dot co dot uk for streaming anime and most of the time it works for me. Since I no longer have uber bandwith, it's a pain to download.

Oh, also started watching Shin Mazinger Z. Didn't know that Imagawa was directing it. Cool. We get Mazinger Z in Giant Robo style.

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