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  1. So its the Gamera of anime 😉 🤣 I kid I kid. I never got a chance to see the original Go-Lion except for clips via youtube. I did like what they did with Lotor to a point - have him allied with Voltron-Force (refuse to call it Team-Voltron - sounds to childish) even hook him up with Allura (not that I really liked this Allura since season 2) which was new and different. But I knew he was a Romulan in sheep's clothing. Hell the voice actor I at first thought was Gray Haddock who I think voiced Archanfel. Even though I liked Seasons 1&2, some of 3&6, and half of 7. That being said I think that Season-3 to Season-8 is because they weren't banking on it being received so... "well"? But yeah... it is up there for disappointing endings with GoT. So far of all the reboots I have seen of series from the 80s only 3 have out shined their originals in my opinion. Because of how it ended, I refused to watch or rewatch any reboot series on Netflix.
  2. You really arent missing much if Season 2 bored you. It seems like they had no real plan post season 2, (which I predicted Shiro's fate when it premiered) because season 3 was quite literally "The Search for Shiro," Season 4 was "Shiro is back and in charge so now we have to build a Coalition and do Voltron PR shows," Season 5 "lets be friends with lotor and go to a magical place of Altean legends". Season 6 had a D&D like episode, Season 7 a Game Show episode. Season 8 was just a massive dumpster fire. I am just glad they didn't have any singing episodes which seems like Eeeeeeeeeeevery series these days need to have because of Glee But it was many other things that crippled this show to failure. Introducing characters/organizations/ events and put no effort into proper develoment. Yes Shiro came back, (which I predicted his fate when Season 2 premiered), but they didn't develop why he was back - instead the "fans" didn't question it and were "shocked" when he and Keith had a Star Wars Episode 3 Obi-Wan vs Anakin like fight. I mean you watch that fight you can literally hear the songs "Obi-Wan vs Anakin" and "Fall of a Hero" during that whole sequence. Hell those very fans were even "shocked" when Lotor was revealed to be experimenting on&killing/betrayed the Voltron-Force/and went batsh*t crazy and tried destroying them after Allura dumped him. I was really pulling for this series to be a great reboot because 2011s Voltron-Force wasn't that well received by fans. But 🤷‍♂️ C'est le vive? It has jaded my view on any reboot on Classic 1980s series on Netflix.
  3. @Matt BellamyDid you finish Legendary Defender? What did you think? As a whole (seasons 1-8) the series was good but it wasn't great. I do agree with you that the music for the most part was rather lack luster up to Season 6. Especially the lack of that wonderful beautifully epic song we all grew up with (Voltron DotU/Voltron-3D/Voltron-Force) - which I understand if they couldn't use it for copyright reasons but something other than the song they had that tapped into those nostalgic emotions. When still hear that classic song to this day I still get teary eyed and chills. But I think the showrunners wanted to do so much that they hurt the series.
  4. Love both DOOM 2016 and DOOM Eternal. I mean as Guyver fans, how could we not love 2016. Especially when we get levels that are pretty much the embodiment of the aftermath of an Out of Control Guyver rampage? Fanfiction writers like myself can use it as a scaling tool for. I mean how could we NOT think Chronos Optimization/Processing (which ever you wish to call them) in these shots, or a Zoanoid examination table.
  5. I apologize if this has already been discussed, but I have been gone for quiet some time. But I have been recently wondering, whatever happened to the Libertus that Aptom was fighting? in the pier? Did he kill them? Absorb them? What? Aptom seems like the type that he wouldn't back down from a fight let alone a potentially tasty Zoanoid unless he had good reason to. I am also wondering if it has also been mentioned whether he can in fact absorb them or not.
  6. Yeah, I never understood that either. I mean I always considered Natsuki Tetsuro's girl, and always thought there was something more between Aptom and Hayami because of how they looked after each other and how Aptom reacted to his death. But I also suspect that there may be something developing between him and Valcuria. I can't read the manga but I remember he helped her out and has been keeping an eye on her, while she also spared his life.
  7. I have never really given much thought to how I would like to see the series end. Instead I've been thinking of ways on how I would garnish more attention for the series like a continuation or reboot of the 2005 series or a new Guyver movie - especially now with the MCU and DCEU seemingly "struggling" according to youtube-talking heads. But to finish the series these are my initial thoughts on how I want the series to end: One thing for sure, I wouldn't want any redemption arcs. Aptom is one thing, and earned his redemption arc, thus becoming one of Sho's most trusted allies - more so than Agito. BUT, Hamilcar, Guyot, Archanphel, even Imakarum don't deserve redemption arcs. Case in point, ever since Zuko in Avatar got his new-age fans want every villain of series (Zarkon/Honerva/Lotor of Voltron Legendary Defender, Hordak/Catra/and others of She-Ra: Princesses of Power, Evil-Lyn of Masters of the Universe: Revelation to name a few) to have "redemption arcs." Villains are there to raise the stakes for the heroes, NOT be redeemed. That being said, I wouldn't mind seeing a temporary 3-way temporary truce between Guyver-I/Aptom, Zeus Thunderbolt, and Chronos especially with my next point. The Advents return in force and have it be a tie-in to the second live Action movie with the Relic Sean sent home prompting the return of their return to 'Finish the Job.' I do like the idea of Tetsuro and Natsuki being a married couple and Sho finally getting his "Mundane Human Life" with Mizuki with or without the Guyver I'd be fine with either option, but almost a Gundam 08th MS Team ending with Shiro and Aina for them. Hidden from the rest of the world in which only 1 or 2 people knows where. Aptom finally getting the peace he deserves maybe becoming a very "CLOSE" friend to Valcuria ( 😉😉) after he works to convince her to join him and Sho Imakarum and Guyot meeting face to face again and Imakarum killing Guyot before being struck down himself - "I'll send you to hell even if I have to drag you there myself" comment from 2005 series. If Shin survives the Zoalord purge and final battle, I would like to see him become the leader of Chronos in a new age. He seems like he is a respectable and honorable Zoalord. Why else would Sho and Aptom approach him for information on Apollyon
  8. My deviantart if you haven't found me already - https://www.deviantart.com/guyvantic
  9. Either a game like Mortal Kombat or DOOM 2016... Especially one like DOOM where YOU are the Guyver. You get Advent Related objects to find and collect in which you can use to evolve to the Gigantic-Guyver/gain more energy for weapons health/armor strength, unlock different Guyver designs in which you can use to create your own design, in game collectibles, and GLORY KILLS. Power ups like those of DOOM: Berserk, Invulnerability, Invisibility, and quad damage. If you die or have to respawn/load checkpoint or if your health gets to or below 25% you go into an emergency Self Defense Mode. Like DOOM, you go around ripping and tearing everything trying to kill you. Humans (scientists/agents/combatants), Movie/Standard/Hyper/Lost Numbers/Guyver-Killers/Proto-Zoalords/ even other Guyvers. Leaving the Guyot, Imakarum, Purgstall, Waferdanos, Yentsui as the bosses and Apollyon as hidden villain like Doctor Samuel Hayden was in DOOM 2016.
  10. Alita certainly gives me hope on a Guyver movie done right. But getting a production team and director that will do it justice. Id be more than excited if Robert Rodriguez announced he was doing it. But Guillermo del Toro, Len Wiseman (Underworld fame)/James Wan because of their work on the Swamp-Thing, and for what it was even Rupert Sanders of Ghost in the Shell. These people if they were to direct and produce a Guyver movie I would be more than happy with. But something rather than nothing needs to happen with Guyver, it has so much potential, it just needs the chance to be exploited. With Alita so beautiful in Real-3D 4K, just imagine the Guyver carnage, zoanoid/zoalord transformations, and energy weapons in Real-3D 4K definition....
  11. Thanks With the announcement of Guyver-III and Guyver-IIF being made into Figmas I am looking forward to getting doubles of them, if those plans do come to fruition. I am still waiting for the chance to get Guyver Gigantic Exceed and Archanfel ​
  12. If you are able to see this video, this is half of my collection. I have the Collect500 and 600 figures boxed up waiting for my "Kaiju Cave" to be set up. Also missing are my dvds, both Guyver-1 figma figures, the soundtracks, my only comic book and anime magazine. https://www.facebook.com/julius.archibaldiv/videos/vb.100000890257586/884023944970606/?type=3&theater
  13. Wow. My Guyver collection is so...... pathetic compared to yours. lol
  14. So I am working on a project, well restarting it because my luck with electronics as not been the best this year so far. But it is going to be a rather massive drawing and I was wondering if someone can help me find the one picture I need to complete my cache of reference pictures. My plans and goal is to have an "out of control" Guyver-1 surrounded by every popular alien, robot, cyborg, armored hero and villian, and other bioweapons from popular anime, movies, cartoons, and games. But the one picture I so desperately want or a picture close to it, is a full body picture of Armored Batman from the leaked Comic-Con Batman vs Superman trailer. Has anyone been able to find one of this suit or a have a picture close to it?
  15. If a new Guyver movie does ever come to fruition, I would hope that if Steve Wang is unable to direct the movie, then I would like to see Guillermo del Toro direct it. I think he would not only follow the source material but do series the justice it so rightly deserve.
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