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  1. One day I dream Guyver will come back and season 2 will air along with the rest of the manga's coming out in American...
  2. Gundam wing zero All Talgeese all gundam seeds and all G gundam
  3. its almost time for a new godzilla movie right how many more years you think ?
  4. lol your right very scary stuff... and very funny the first post lol
  5. make me super.. like wesker form RE games.. and ill say ok
  6. i read something in a video game mag that Godzilla would appear again for its 60th anniversary 2014 for a new film. It was in egm !_!
  7. iw ant a new godzilla movie or anime would be cool they can do it ive seen alot of crazt monster animes and godzilla is the best of everything he is the king of the monsters lol
  8. man i ve like watched everything in the world.. damnit.. iam soo bored.. last show i just watched was macross frontier and its over now .. sigh start gintama its funny other then that everything is up to date for me .. !_!
  9. godzilla from 1985 i thought was cool hehe Heisei Era was the best.. but the new Millennium series was good too.. aw gojira.. your are my childhood friend i grew up watching the old godzilla movies.. i wish they would make more
  10. freaking animals are off the wall MAN ahahhaha
  11. woot more Power Rangers YEA !!!!! and the pink ranger.. ? ihope its a gril and not guy in the constume lol
  12. i watched all on dvd.. already.. but iam still reading it .. since its on going
  13. This is how i looked at things of this nature .. Iam real.. iam here.. i can see my self touch smell... ectect. Iam not in a book . saying i did great things that no one can prove Iam was catholic went to a cath school for 7 years.. most kids in school became disbelivers soon after seening the real world.. after school. IF god is real.. he has a real twisted humor.. of casuing floods and killing his creations.. if He gave us the right to chose are path.. and when we chose wrong.. he flooded us he got angry when we killed his son.. but are we not all his children should he not get ang
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