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Spider-Man: Far From Home

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"Mr.Beck" is Quentin Beck... better known as Mysterio, a special-effects wizard-turned-supervillain. I would not be surprised if it turned out all of this was a hoax. I am not even sure that is the real fury, or that there really is a Multiverse. But what would the point of all of this be?

I don't know what those creatures are... I would have said Hydro-Man and Sand-Man, who can turn into and control water and sand, respectively, but now it's almost more like they are elemental monsters of some kind.

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from the very first teaser trailer, I thought those things looked like mysterio's patented special effects things. I don't doubt that there could be this multiverse thing going on and this could be an excellent way to do a lot of things like bring the x-men into hte MCU among other stuff. this could be the basis for the MCU going forwards.
as for mysterio's motivations.... well he could be trying to distract nick fury, spiderman et al for some reason? one thing is for sure, if we consider homecoming, the backstory and machinations of the 'villain' should be pretty interesting.

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im going to guess that mysterio is setting this all up so he can play hero.


and if hydro man and sandman (i am assuming that they will be his secret lackeys or paid thugs) merge into Mud MAN!!!!!! i'll be less than happy.


so far only civil war spidey has been a real fun watch for me. but now with how endgame goes, maybe we'll get a good independent spiderman\peterparker.

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yeah i was kinda worried about mysterio being a hero at first, but i gotta say i loved how he had his big plan.  and the elemental were a great touch. 


lets not forget, he once tried to convince spidey he was an alien, and then a ghost. and who knows what all else. so i loved mysterio, but more than that, i absolutely loved how competent he actually was!!


what i didnt like was how far peter was still up tonys butt... and people wanting him to be the next iron man....


and michelle... i just wont call her MJ.

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