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Old GWOTG sites

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Long time, no see...

Anywho, I've been looking at Archive.org for the old Great War of the Guyvers page so that I can get the old data-files.

So far there has been nothing except for this


A bit of a dead end I'm afraid.

I got to where I am by looking at the old links pages on the http://www.bioweapons.com website around the year 2000.




great web detective found http://web.archive.org/web/20020809083341/www.warriorguyver.com/index3.htm

that lead to http://web.archive.org/web/20021004122604/wkar.tripod.com/index2.html

Can you think of anywhere else that the old links to the GWOTG fan fic data-files could be?

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I have an acrhive of this I think (question is where)... But if this will be posted up on the arhive is something I'm not sure of. Baiscally I view this to be Allen's work and area of the site. So unless it's something really important (e.g. missing files, or something broke) I'd not want to mess with his section of the site. Though posting an arcived version of his site mightn't be a bad thing when the WG.com gets updated in a few months time.

If we don't here from Allen in awhile and there is a demand for it, we'll decide then. HOPEFULLY Allen himself will be back some day and he'll finish off the work he was doing.

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Ask McAvoy. If memory serves, he has copies of all the originals. I believe he's been updating them as well for the current fics. Hope that helps

Yes and no. I did back in 2005 and 2006. During that time, pretty much the whole site was in hibernation. The idea I had was to update them to mesh more or less togther with the WG site combined with new information on the manga. I also used the stories themselves to gather information as well to fill out the datafiles.

I did this with zeo, but I think about 2007 Allen came back. I ended up giving up all my work to him.

So, no I haven't touched the datafiles since I have given them to Allen.

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Alright... I took down those datafiles because they sucked. End of story. :twisted:

We'll redo, and if McAvoy is still interested in giving me a hand I'll be more than happy to get it.

Oh... and on a side note the GWOTG has been hosted in several areas.

One was Geocities in their Area51 scifi section back in 98. The next was at Spaceport because at the time GWOTG was growing in size and they offered a whopping 5 megs of space in 2000 :), then I moved it to another server in like 2001. I can't remember the name of the provider, but they offered like 10 megs of space and it grew more. Then in 2003 Brian offered to host it because I was running out of room ONCE AGAIN! And thank the gods that be that he did, because it was freaking a pain in the butt. Nothing like shrinking jpegs down to like 80% compression to fit them all up there. No Photobucket in those days.

I feel old....

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