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  1. i'd love a copy of those old df's. good reads.
  2. So if they created a command unit for the guyver grakkens, why not implement that feature in the units the creator used themselves and make sure all units made there after are able to be tuned into the command unit features in their units. i mean if they had the fore thought to make a being to control zoanoids in there absence, have the mental capacity to control a zoalord, are so engrossed with technological and biotechnological progress, why not devise a technological way to ensure that there units could control rogue guyver units like the grakken queen can? The made the blasted thing. They knew the capability even to this day. Why not take that feature and use it for themselves?
  3. Ok, I know I haven't been around for awhile but upon my return i have a boggling question. We know that Mitochondria are like energy makers of the cells through symbiosis. My question is what would happen if the mitochondria in every cell of a host body was replaced with nano sized arc reactors like the one Tony has in his chest in the new Iron Man arc Iron Man:Resilient and then bonded with a Unit-G? or any of the various Unit's out there. What could you speculate would happen? How do you think it would effect host and unit? I know it's a far fetched idea but I'm hoping to get some plausible far fetched (sounds like an oxymoron right?) answers.
  4. What would happen if a Dynamokinetic bonded with any version of the WG or Nova units? And a Dynamokientic is as follows: Dynamokinesis: The manipulation of all of the four forces. (Electromagnetism, Gravity, Strong Nuclear Force, and Weak Nuclear Force.)
  5. I mean if you were to combine the capabilities of a type 1 and a type 2 together. Like taking the gravity shield of WG v1 and the CPM's of WGv2 and started from the ground up in making a WGv3 with Solom's knowledge and the knowledge of the creator of WGv2.
  6. I was just wondering what a type 1 and type 2 warrior guyver combined would be capable of?
  7. In the Seven Days of Hell pt.3 fic, Dreadnaught uses an Aura Bomb on Tonnin. What exactly is it? It's not in his df as far as i can see.
  8. Are these Gems similar in form or fashion to the Infinity Gems from the Marvel Universe?
  9. awww crude. went and re-looked at the DF's and noticed that WG4 is a Krullnar type Warrior Unit G-7 ( i'm guessing 7th in the production line) and life force guyver is a Solom type Warrior Unit G-4 (last before Jason's WG5 and final in production). I guess i'm partial to the WG4, it looks the best outta the WG's. I wish we could get more play outta him, maybe upgraded to a new more powerful unit like a Praetorian or maybe get experimented on by creators to fuse the Nova and Warrior projects since he's the weakest out the WG's, should make for an interesting combo.
  10. if he was a test unit then which stage of testing was he in? i mean, the life force guyver was the the third stage(i believe) before the completed unit was made(wasn't jason's unit the fourth prototype/finished product)?
  11. Why is it that WG4's abilities are so diminished compared to the other WG's? Even WGC out powers him and he's an upgraded unit rather then a true WG like WG4? Why would that be?
  12. If the W'Kar element is made at the creation/destruction of a life giving planet. then are these crystals the product of the creation/destruction of a time line/universe?
  13. CM's sharing resources....Is this done via the HSL component or some other part we have yet to read about?
  14. **put's on tin foil hat** Zeo...your a mind reader. Those are darn near real close to the thoughts i had, but you worded them much better then me. Zeo, job well done. **tilts tin foil hat and walks off**
  15. I think that would be a good read.
  16. And what Zeo said about Faye pretty fully articulated what I could not...apparently. Will always be the most skilled fighter to me. Trained since birth in the art of war and survival, not because she was trying to attain some high position in a global company, but because the very lively hood of her and her tribe depended on her ability to hunt, kill, and protect them efficiently...proficiently and without remorse ( like the rest of her tribe). And who knows what kind of environment she trained and lived in. It's proven that high altitude training yields far better results then training at lets say....the Gym. Born and raised to be a warrior...a protector getting trumped by SpecOps training? where do you think they model some of the training regiment from? Older tried a true methods adapted from far and wide i would think. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SERE SERE trianing didn't just pop in a persons head prefabricated. they took someone who went through a situation like that and asked him how they made it.
  17. I would have to say Faye. My reasoning behind this is that Creator combative hand to hand techniques may be the progenitor of current martial arts. Plus since she was back in the hunter gather times, her skills are more instinctive (intuitive??) and ingrained in her since it was paramount to her survival. Faye all day. Granted Agito is slick and highly proficient in modern day martial arts....but we're talking about CREATOR FIGHTING TECHNIQUES. Who knows the full extent of her battle prowess.
  18. Not to go off topic but, what is the difference in a Warrior Unit and a Praetorian Unit?
  19. I think he was just using an already given example of what Mrk II tech can do without further speculating into the possibilities. Like the old saying "if it ain't broke....don't fix it....sorta"
  20. you should put up the df's. your work so far with them is awesome.
  21. I think that her frailness might be attributed to the fact that the W'Kar element in itself is organic in nature and how W'Kar's Element is still "healing" (being that the closer it's come to being fully healed the more powerful it gets....as seen by W'Kar's transformation into Anubis demonstrates. She is an organic W'Kar after all) itself, i think the same can be said for Alex's incorporation of the element into her DNA as well.
  22. The Gigantic can use the Black Hole Attack??? Man i gotta find out where to read these from.
  23. I also likened her W'Kar Element DNA to the mitochondria of Parasite EVE. Heck...I even thought of using something similar in a guyver design. But by W'Kar Organic do you mean that she is more closely related to the original W'Kar organism pre the inclusion of the Element or just the Element itself?
  24. I think that if he was to do the aforementioned changing of appearance, he might leave littel tell tale clues as to who he really is for the others to figure out. I mean, the current Anubis barged into the Creator Council as it was in a meet. If that doesn't speak of someone who want's thier handiwork known, i don't know what does. He seems to revel in his menstrations. IMHO ofcourse. I would expect to see alot of M. Night Shyamalan type of plot twist as they tried to figure out who this person is and his/her/it's real intentions (since he's changinf his appearance...who's to say he stays a he? ).
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