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  1. Sorry. My questions come from this line in the data file, which sort of indicate that she is only able to access her psychic abilities because of her unit. So what I would like to know is; 1. Which abilities come from her unit? 2. Which abilities come from her hybrid DNA? 3. Which abilities come a combination of the two? 4. What would a Guyver Assassin Unit look like on a normal human?
  2. Where do Isis Drano's human abilities and powers come from? Do they come from her Gen/human hybrid DNA? The Assassin Unit? A Combination of the two? And if it is a combination of both her unit and hybrid dna, how does each aspect effect each other?
  3. So what would happen if a WG Type 2 unit bonded to an Overlord? Would the CPM's adapt in some way to augment its telekinetic powers? Similar to WG Vamor and WG Thancruz.
  4. Yep. A Nova Derzerb would be very interesting. Intense heat attacks!
  5. Just to add a little spice to the forum, what units would you give to each member of the Hyper Zoanoid Team 5, (excluding WG I/II units, Angel, and Black Nova)? My picks would go: 1. Zx-Tole + Turbo Guyver 2. Derzerb + Guyver Supreme 3. Elegen + Lostude Guyver 4. Gaster + Edustol Guyver 5. Thancruz + Shadow Guyver
  6. Just saw the new art for Ninja Guyver! Crazy! It got me thinking, can the Power Sword be used by anyone or is it specifically tailored to Ninja Guyver?
  7. Even if the story doesn't get finished, it just makes sense to clean up the stories and data files. Streamlining the first two sagas to be consistent with the third would immensely improve the story. So I'm all for it!
  8. So I am a little confused by this statement Does this mean that a normal Guyver combined with a Warrior Aceaer would have strength in the 200 men, 500 men, or 1000 men range?
  9. Ah that make much more sense. Thanks for clarifying.
  10. So I'm catching up on all the new stuff on the site and I find this on the Warrior Aceaer Data File; Which brings me to; 1. Who is the Warrior Aceaer/Joseph MacDonald and why does he matter ? 2. Why is he enhanced? 3. How did he become enhanced? 4. How is he enhanced? Somebody help!
  11. Love the Overlords! So true, a Overlord-based Guyver would kick so much a**. Give them a Proto Guyver or Battle Guyver Unit and they could hold their own against all the middle weights (Warrior Guyvers, Gigantics, multipe Bio-Titans, Black Nova 2), and even survive a few rounds with a few heavy weights (Gilgamesh, Guardian, Zeus).
  12. So I've had this question bugging me for years; What happens to a Warrior Guyver Prototype unit (aka Shadow Guyver and Battle Guyver) when they equip an Aceaer, Hyper Aceaer or Warrior Aceaer unit? Would the boost be more akin to a Regular Guyver with just an overlaid Aceaer or more like a Warrior Guyver where the Aceaer unit partially bonds to the unit?
  13. On my 13in laptop they aren't resizing for the screen, but they sure do look amazing !
  14. I hadn't check on the site in a about a month or two. Then I look this morning and there have been more updates in the last month then in the last five years!!!!! TheGuyver.net and Japan-legend are both part of WarriorGuyver now?!?! So ready for this! Bring it on! 2016 is the year WarriorGuyver.com comes roaring back! *Slight side note. Brian, Thank you for keeping the site going for all these years. This site has meant a lot to me over the years. I discovered WarriorGuyver.com almost 15 years ago as an awkward teenager from America who thought he was weird for being a huge fan of this strange little Japanese cartoon. Through Warriorguyver.com I not only found a place where I belonged as a fan; I also was introduced to the idea of fan-fiction and the idea that anyone can become a storyteller. Watching your writing style evolve over the years has helped shaped my thoughts on what it means to be a storyteller and has contributed to my own writing style. Please know that this site and your commitment to continue to write Jason's story means a lot; not only for Guyver and anime fans, but for YOUR fans and the fans of YOUR story. So Brian, on behalf of all of your fans and anyone who has ever read a WarriorGuyver story, thank you. -Zach (aka Jedi-Guyver)
  15. Straight Vamore rips. I like it.
  16. So much activity recently! I also have several versions of the old data files somewhere on my back ups. Let me know and I can send them back out.
  17. Creature like one in center = The Hunter Female Zoalord Guyver = Elera?
  18. The guy who talks to Jimmy at the end of the movie? The one who was one of the cops working for Chronos.
  19. I really like it. It fits in perfectly as an aside to the main story before Gabe joins the guyver ranks. Kudos.
  20. Your story is awesome. Keep at it. People are reading.
  21. I think it's pretty awesome how some of us have been around for ten or more years! So cool that we finally get to see the man behind the words!
  22. The puddle is the bio-booster organism. I think they were experimenting with the cells collected from Guyver II and came to the conclusion that they needed to recreate the control medal.
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