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The Worst of the Worst


Who is the worst of the worst of the major generals?  

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  1. 1. Who is the worst of the worst of the major generals?

    • Baphomet
    • Ereshkigal
    • Malice
    • Zagam
    • Yaksha

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Not sure if th etime traveling is even possible without the teleporter. I could be wrong. I was thinking something like both matrixes berging, forming a dual drop circle like a yin yang symbol or perhaps the blue one encircling the broken red one as the gigantic's CM encircles the normal units CM.

The matrix alone can not withstand the energies of the W'Kar element so using it to fight those energies might not work. I am thinking it would take two or more to fend the energies while a third aids the host. And even still Dreadnaught would have to do some fancy footwork.

(Perhaps this should be moved into a new Dradnaught vs Anubis thread?)

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A Red Matrix and a Blue Matrix merging would not create a Ying-Yang Matrix but a Purple Matrix. Best of both worlds. But would it be enough to counter the W'Kar element? Perhaps if that Matrix was merged with Dreadnought or Zagam. But on it's own who knows?

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Sorry to perform thread necromancy here, but this topic peaked my interest...Its hard, I think either Ereshkigal for her sheer love of torturing others or Zagam's brutality make the most evil general of all...I mean, Zagam FUSED with a girl who's apparently his daughter (or the daughter of the Jason of that universe), if I recall correctly (scary parasitic bastard....)

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Perhaps. I doubt it. Being merged with Sarah like he is and trying to alter her at the same time isn't something I suspect the Red Matrix is capable of doing. Remember that Red Matrix is altered and inferior to the Blue Matrix in certain areas. Even as Dreadnought, the merged Matrix is more limited to do certain things than a unmerged Blue Matrix. His merged Matrix is mostly being used to enhance his own unit and give certain abilities. Where as the Red Matrix is doing the same as well as managing it's own unique abilities. Altering Sarah isn't one of those.

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I figured he was just gonna rip Sarah apart from the inside out when he got a chance to attack Albass or would consume her completely...Really hoping somehow, someway, Sarah gets out of this mess, or at least manages to warn Albass and the others before Zagam springs his trap (I've really seen enough of the now thoroughly endangered good guys die by now)

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One of the best things about the Order is that despite the chaotic orgy of violence that they specialize in... their best leaders are intelligent, cunning, crafty, ruthless monsters who specialize in manipulation and tactics.

There is one thing that can always be said. Even the weakest bee can fall a human if they sting in the right place.

Same is true for Zagam, same is true for Sarah, same is true for everyone.

Intelligence... not the biggest gun, but the most precise shot, is what wins the war. :twisted:

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