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Contest Entry: Apophis Datafile.

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Okay, so this is my first attempt at making a datafile. But I believe I did an...okay job...background story and drawing soon to come. Let me know what you think?

Subject: Humanoid Wyvern Enhanced Lycan Master Zoalord

Code Name: APOPHIS

Age: Resembles a human in his mid twenties, but estimated to be well over 3 million years old.

Hair: White Eyes: Red/Black

Race: Elf-like humanoid Master Zoalord augmented with Lycanlord DNA

Height: Ranges from 198cm (~6.5 feet) in human form, to 366cm (~12 feet) in full battle form.

Weight: Ranges from 82kg (~180 lbs) in human form, to 1700kg (~3700 lbs) or (~1.7 Metric Tons).

Previous Status: Master Zoalord, reigning lord of Chronos and Supreme Leader of the Anti Advent Republic.

Current Status: Supreme Leader of 80 Legions of the Lycanlord Horde. Overlord of the 5th Layer of Hell in the Order Of Anubis.

Description: Alkanphel, as he was once known, was a Master Zoalord, created by the Creators to lead all their zoaform army, but the threat revealed by the Guyver 0 event forced the Creators to declare their creations too dangerous and they in turn tried to destroy the Earth and all life on it, by crashing a moon size meteor into it, but Lord Alkanphel rebelled and used all the power at his command to save the Earth. Only a few small pieces of the moon managed to get past him and caused enough damage to trigger an ice age.

Though critically weakened, lord Alkanphel knew that one day life would flourish again on Earth and went into a deep sleep that he did not fully awaken from, except to observe some critical events in Earth's history, till the human, who would become Zoalord Hamical Valcus, became shipwrecked on the shores of his secret island. Together they paved the way for the formation of the Chronos Organization, which had the ultimate goal of attempting to “Storm the Gates of Heaven”.

Special Note: This being was once known as Guyver Alkanphel who sought the total destruction of the Creators, not unlike one of our god’s own goals. However, he also rebelled against the Order and in a moment of weakness attempted to stop the super weapon of the Creators from destroying the earth and his offspring. An impressive display of raw power but a foolish attempt at righteousness; ending in his apparent defeat.

Despite his distaste for zoaforms, our Lord recovered Alkanphel's burnt and charred remains, tore the remnants of the bio booster armor from his very flesh, and recruited him into the Order. A process by which he was augmented with lycanlord DNA and bonded to the advance zoalord bio armor code named, Wyvern.

The being now christened as Apophis has dedicated himself to the will of our Lord.

Present estimates of this being’s abilities have been formulated and summarized below.

Physical Strength

-Subject’s physical strength ranges from around 500 men in his human form to that of 4000 men in his Full Wyvern enhanced Zoalord battle form. Stamina is virtually limitless due to the basic HSL type system derived from the Wyvern armor, albiet nowhere near as developed as the Creator’s system. However, it is sufficient enough along side this being's immense natural energy reserves, to maintain his current power level indefinitely. Although the subject can become weakened through constantly using high energy output type attacks, he can be brought back up to full fighting power within a short space of time.


-As a zoalord, the subject has the natural ability to teleport anywhere he pleases and fly at will. His bio armor enhancements also give him access to wormhole transportation. Physically though, in a test formed by our Lord himself, the subject has been clocked at a running speed of around 11,000 MPH and top flight speed of around 70,000 MPH.

Burst Attack

-Subject also displayed a unique ability to rapidly accelerate his molecules to nearly the speed of light for up to short distances. Although not a commonly used ability, its advantage lies in approaching targets in close range of a few miles of his current position and combining it with a quick attack makes him highly maneuverable on the battle field. One draw back of this ability is that it takes up a lot of energy despite the being’s immense energy reserves. So usage has to be restricted to 5 bursts before forcing himself to stop and allow his energy to be restored anew once more. The speed of this ability is such that it comes close to being categorized as a new form of teleportation.

Hyper Senses

-Wyvern armor grants subject with hyper senses very similar in function to a Guyver. Combined with the subject's naturally immense mental powers as a master zoalord, extends his detection range to ~70 miles. Further augmentation of his lycanlord physiology, enhanced through the Wyvern armor has also allowed the subject to detect the disturbance of molecules in the air. However, this ability is restricted to atmospheric environments.

Defensive Systems


-As a Master Zoalord optimized with Lycanlord DNA, this subject's power is truly awesome to behold. In just his human form, he is able to easily withstand attacks within, and a little beyond, the power range of a zoalord type black hole attack. With his zoalord body, lycanlord enhancements and Wyvern bio armor combined with a blast shield incorporated in the armor, subject is able to withstand an attack on the scale of a Gigantic Guyver single hyper smash. He is also equipped with a standard zoalord body shield however attacks are rarely allowed to touch his body as he usually just warps attacks around himself. With the added use of his ultimate attack enables the subject to withstand anything up to the power accumulated at that time.


-Standard zoalord type body shielding but attuned to greater strength and versatility due to his lycanlord physiology. He also has access to a blast shield similar to that of a Unit-G upon activation which he can use to boost his defense. In the wisdom of our Lord, his vast psionic abilities have been altered to siphon energy from the legions of lycanlords under his command into himself and focus them into his own weapons systems boosting them beyond their normal limits or into his shields in order to block more powerful attacks. Additional energy boost lasts as long as there are nearby lycanlords to feed off.


-Incorporated in his lycanlord design is the ability to naturally produce numerous amounts of bio-electric blades, which can spring forth from any part of his body. This action is purely instinctual and activates when subject is suddenly attacked from behind or otherwise. In the Wyvern armor, these weapons take on the form of vibrational blades and can be extended from within his body at will for various effects. Additionally, spikes can be extended from the palms of his hands to increase the intensity of his grip or from his fists to increase the damage of a thrown punch.

Weapon Systems

Laser Beam Orbs

-Zoacrystal has been merged with the head laser orb in order to produce a much higher energy output weapon and easily puts its power around 35X the power of a Guyver's. Two smaller laser orbs are located on either side of the main crystal and energy output is around half that of the main head beam for each.


-Advancements in the Wyvern armor have enabled those who utilize this armor to be endowed with Mega Smasher weaponry very similar to that of a Guyver. Fusing with the chest crystals on subject’s chest, these Hyper Smashers allow the subject to focus his vast power into twin beams of destructive energy pushing upwards in the range of 35X the power of a Gigantic Guyver double Hyper Smash. They can be fired repeatedly with only a small effect on energy reserves. Additional energy siphoned from the activation of his ultimate attack allows this range to increase to that of 70X the power of a Gigantic Guyver attack. However, boosting the output of this attack takes time for the energy to build up and after its release subject must rest briefly to allow his energy draining and regenerative abilities to restore his power. The subject has the capability to utilize nearly all his power into his smashers but rarely attempts this as it would deplete him of all energy and leave him vulnerable to attack. Some of the life energy of the target is leached through the draining properties of the Zoa Smasher particle beam due to this Wyvern armor's natural ability to feed of energy.

Wyvern Bio-Armor

-Bonded with the advanced zoalord bio-armor, codenamed the Wyvern by humans due to its draconic appearance, has granted the subject vast control of his powers and can utilize them to various effects. It also provides some of the Guyver weaponry and power systems although it does not bio-boost the host, its main focus is offering the host more function ability and flexibility in combat situations.

-Bio-armor also actively makes use of subject’s ultimate attack to power many of his other weaponry, increasing their power output to higher levels although a reduction in stamina is a result of overuse of this ability.

-Also has the ability to sense bio boosted beings within a 200 mile radius. This extends to 1000 miles through meditation and no distractions.

Vibrational Blades

-Subject has a pair of elbow mounted vibrational blades although they operate under the same principles they are in fact of higher tolerance than the average Guyver blades and are constantly emitting energy to strengthen the blades to levels capable of handling those of Warrior Guyvers and W’Kars. With the energy draining properties of his bio armor, it makes them capable of weakening his opponents although this effect is negligible to beings with unlimited stamina like Zagam or those capable of high levels of energy draining like that of our one and only Lord Anubis.

Corona Beam

-Subject now has the ability to charge his ultimate weapon and release its awesome power through all of his body crystals to shower his enemies in its intense laser like beams. The direction of this attack can be somewhat controlled psionically as well as altering the way the crystals on his body are facing. Power of this attack is great enough to leave mile wide craters on the surface of planets.

Berserker Rage

-Very similar in concept to the warrior rage, under great stress or when badly damaged, subject would enter a state of unhindered brutallity and beastial rage. His mind completely reverts to a primal state and his only objective is the total destruction of his enemies. Drawbacks of this ability is the fact that even though his power significantly skyrockets, his energy reserves rapidly deplete due to the mindless use of the energy from his ultimate attack to power his other weapons in order to totally dominate his opponents. Time in this boosted state estimated to last around 10 minutes. After time limit has expired subject reverts back into his human form, albeit unconscious, and must be placed in a regeneration tank to recover quickly.

Gravitational Powers

-Subject has all the powers of a master zoalord and guyver combined. He can launch pressure cannon attacks approaching the speed of gravity bullets reaching in the power rating range of about 15X a guyver. Additional gravity control orbs allow subject to have better control over his gravitational powers. Some effects are but not limited to, the increase in firing rate of subject’s gravity bullets and the ability to increase their power and possibly create multiple black hole attacks. And the ability to convert black hole attacks into white hole type attacks. Subject can also use his vast psionic ability to produce cyclone attacks at levels above a master zoalord as well as using his mental ability to alter the very fabric of reality for various offensive and defensive effects.

Ultimate Attack

-Ultimate attack remains the same as when in his previous incarnation as Alkanphel, although its function has now been diverted to now being able to supplement his other weapon and defensive systems. Whether or not Lord Anubis has altered this attack to produce different effects has yet to be seen.

Additional notes: Through extensive 'reeducation' subject exhibits an intense hatred of all Guyver beings surpassed only by his hatred for the Creators and would explain his heightened aggressive nature. All previous moral constraints have been removed. The being once known as Alkanphel is no more, there is only Apophis. Further experiments conducted by Lord Anubis himself have caused Apophis’ mental abilities to be altered to control and monitor vast legions of lycanlords as well as invoke fear and confusion on weaker minded enemies, ultimately causing chaos on the battlefield.

Here's the background entry...subject to possible changes.

Planet Earth

Amidst the barren wasteland once known as the blue jewel of the universe, the remains of a civilization is seen. The scarcely recognizable structures that were once impressive skyscrapers that seemed to graze the very heavens, now reduced to nothing more than hallowed out skeletons of iron and dust. Vast sandstorms now rage across the planet, scorching the surface of the earth and eradicating all indications of life. The bones of humans and aliens alike lay naked amongst the debris, glittering preternaturally white in the light of what is left of the moon. The planet is dead. All life sustaining air having been extinguished and the atmosphere collapsed from the Creators’ invasion of earth. Now fully exposed, the earth is being slowly bathed in the infernal fury of the sun.

In space Ereshkigal and Zagam floats serenely in orbit above the planet and observes the mega hurricane like sandstorm moving across the surface of Terra Firma. Still in her human form even in the vacuum she floats up slightly and rests her arm on one of the dark lord’s spiked shoulders.

“It is beautiful is it not my lord. The destruction such an unrestrained force of nature can cause” sighing slightly as she continues to watch.

Zagam also looks on, but this was not their main purpose for being here.

“We did not come here to admire beauty my lady, we came here to claim what our god sent us to retrieve.”

“Must you always spoil a tender moment? You warrior types are all so bland and without substance. But even so, you are correct.”

Even as the black witch spoke these words her unit began to form around her. The organisms seeping out of her body and forming the deadly being she was; capable of bringing death with a single touch.

Zagam then glows slightly and teleports down to the barren planet, closely followed by the signature blast field of Ereshkigal’s own teleportation. Entering the now chaotic atmosphere of the dying planet, their body shields and control over gravity easily allowed them to brave the storm in order to reach their destination. The desolate and destroyed forms of what was left of the Pillars of Heaven; once a public sight of Chronos’ dominance over earth, loomed in the shroud of sand and debris.

“Only sign of recent life is coming from in there.” said Zagam through the organisms. The loud howls of the storm made it all but impossible to speak normally.

Together they walked into what was left of the main complex. All indication that this was a lustrous place had long been stripped away by the elements. With their hypersenses actively scanning the surrounding area they both quickly identified a narrow tunnel angling down into the ground, almost as if something had crashed into the building at incredible speed. Aiming the palm of his hand at the narrow chasm, Zagam quickly focuses a tiny fraction of his power and in mere seconds a stream of mini pressure cannons launches forward, widening and deepening the tunnel.

“Love making an entrance don’t you” Ereshkigal comments slyly, giving him toothy smile as her tongue flicks out and lashes the air in front of her face.

Without so much as a grunt in reply, Zagam floats down into the inky blackness of the hole, his eyes instantly adapting to the conditions. Rivers of sand pour down through the gaping hole as they continue their descent towards the sliver of energy they sensed. It was not long until they discovered the true motive of their return to earth; Alkanphel.

Lying in a pool of bio-fluid, what was left of the once proud master zoalord lay before them. Burnt and ravaged beyond recognition, he was truly in a pathetic and sorry sight. Well over 80% of his body had been obliterated, reentry into what was left of the earth’s atmosphere at the time had cauterized the major wound where blood mixed with bio-armor organisms once flowed. The armor covering half his face had been torn away taking with it pieces of his face. In all the years that had passed since earth’s destruction he still had not even begun to regenerate.

Ereshkigal peered closer at the comatose state of the incapacitated forgotten lord of Chronos.

“It seems that the unit took the brunt of that big attack from the Creators. It doesn’t even have the energy to begin reanimation, just enough spark to sustain him in this suspended state.”

“Whatever Lord Anubis has planned for him, was worth coming all this way. Let us return to the Ye Fallen One with what he desires.”

A few seconds later all they teleported away with the remnants of Alkanphel and once more the planet continued its slow and silent death…alone.

Ye Fallen One

“Behold! You are he that liveth, and was dead; and now live forever more my Apophis!

In the immense throne room of Anubis there were gathered the minions of the dark god. Members of the royal family, overlords, generals, lieutenants, foot soldiers and retched slaves alike were all summoned to bear witness to the birth of a new kind of soldier; a new breed of lycanlord, the first and only of his kind. Within the audience hall, hung the banners and streamers representing the class and house of each group of individual. All in their right place, all created to serve a purpose as this new being would now fulfill.

In the centre of the room just beyond the bottom of the twelve steps that led to the throne of Anubis, a black dais began to rise up from the depths of the pit beneath. A black sarcophagus shaped in the image of the Egyptian jackal god of death, etched in blood red hieroglyphs and ominous designs was clearly seen at its center. Not a sound was uttered as all watch the dais complete its ascension from the murky depths. A loud hissing noise is heard as the sarcophagus splits in five pieces. An eerie green mist poured out from its carapace.

In the center of the room stood something; the accumulation of weeks of experimentation and optimization. He was adorned in a simple white silken kilt tapered in black and complete with a golden belt emblazoned with the symbol of life and of his lord Anubis, the ankh with the image of twin snakes on either side. His body no longer resembled his previous form as the lycanlord DNA now flowing through his veins granted him an enhanced physique. Golden armbands bearing the seals of Anubis clung to his arms. His face showed off a strong angular jaw, his signature elfin ears and feral eyes.

Alexandria leaned forward with interest.

“Lords and Generals of my Order, I give you Apophis; fifth in command of the Lycanlords and general of 80 legions thereof; Overlord of the 5th Layer of my Hell in this universe and those to come.”

A thunderous roar filled the throne room as the lords and generals of Anubis’ court broke out in applause. Well over 100 newly acquired human slaves were then sacrificed and the blood flowed freely as all drank in salute to the new overlord.

Apophis took it all in, savoring their approval of his induction into the Order. Then, casting a look at his god he bowed his head and took a knee in obeisance.

“Speak my servant. What is your will?”

“My god, your will is my will. I only desire to be your path to eternal pain and agony, for I was raised here by your divine omnipotence, your primordial hate and ultimate intellect. Woe to those that enter your presence lord, for they shall abandon all hope, and desire for the oblivion that death brings.. will forever flee from them.”

Lord Apophis


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Thanks a lot guys.

nice twist by bringing Alkanphel back even if he is completely different.

Yes, the zoalords have become all but non existent in GWOTG, aside from Albass and Xetel and possibly a few others I may have forgotten. Alkanphel's hatred for the Creators is legendary, it'll be a shame if he couldn't witness their downfall again, and again, and again.. :twisted:

Just gotta iron out a few things in the story and it should be up shortly... Originally had a character already drawn up and complete, oh so long ago...what, in 2003/2004?? Unfortunately, all files lost on that one. Well, better get back to it, 2 1/2 weeks left!

Thanks again for the support and good luck to all those who are entering :D

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But it is true, the Darmon System is exclusive to Warrior-g units and select characters of the wg fan fiction.

Ah, okay. Well I was originally toying with the idea that the creators did try to replicate the 'Darmon effect' in a crystal powered form, much like we found on the hunter in Dreadnought's universe. So I correlated that with the possibility that they were working on the same thing in GWOTG universe and since Anubis attacked one of the home world planets, he may have gotten his hands on that technology and possibly others...

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Nope, the Darmon effect is unique to the WG universe just like the W'Kar technology is unique to the GWOTG universe.

Zagam was originally Dreadnought from the WG universe, which is the only reason why he has it. And consequently he is the only one in the GWOTG universe that has that technology.

Besides the Darmon technology is not something that can easily be reproduced. Even the WG's Darmon based backup power system is only a pale immitation of what it was based on.

The Crystallite entity from 7 DOH, which as you should know was created when just a single crystal shard from the Hunter infected Psi-Guyver, should emphasis how dangerous that technology is. While in most realities the Creators were afraid of even the possibility of creating a Guyver Zoalord, so the idea that more than one reality version of the Creators would be crazy enough to try to develop this technology is very unlikely.

Not to mention if your character did have a Darmon power crystal then since he's organic he would have eventually turned into a Crystallite entity and given his already high power level he would have become an extremely powerful version as well.

For example Psi-Guyver was at her maximum, which she could only maintain for a short period of time, only a 8x character. Yet as Crystallite she was able to give even Dreadnought a tough fight and he only defeated her because of his Matrix. But even with that she easily had the potential to kill him and came close to it a few times.

A Crystallite version of your character could well rival Anubis himself. So this is not technology you would want in the GWOTG universe. Not to mention it would pretty much shorten your character to the gotta destroy it quick category.

But worse still even if Anubis manages to destroy your Crystallite infected character the crystals could easily infect Anubis and create the ultimate monster. Ultimate Power with Ultimate Hunger :twisted:

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I understand perfectly what you saying now...since one of the criteria that the character couldn't be a w'kar, thought this was a nice way of adding energy draining properties to my character similar to that of w'kar but inferior. plus i can always go back and edit those parts and rework some of it.

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Even if the reproductions have similar tech?

Anubis did give similar energy draining abilities to Zagam after all and it only has to be a more primitive version which since Anubis does have the knowledge of the Creators in GWOTG that it should be within his power to impliment? . . .

Well, in any case if you need an alternative I can suggest other similar systems like using the Zoalord gravitational powers to produce a virtual event horizon to produce a similar energy draining ability like demonstrated by the Black Nova Guyver?

At this character's power level it would be almost childs play for him to maintain such a field with just a subconscious effort on his part. Not to mention it could be combined with the brain washing to make it an instinctual reaction on his part. Similar to his telekinetic shielding that can warp most attacks around him, except he would allow him to absorb some of the energy.

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Yep, the reproductions are guyver units, but have pieces of W'Kar tech in them so have similar qualities.

You can use it, Anubis does have knowledge of the W'Kar units, his own and Ereshkigals gave him that knowledge. Not a big problem to implant it in the Wyvern. You just have to consider the fact the Wyvern was not made to handle that kind of system. Guyvers really weren't either which is why the reproductions fall short of the True W'Kar.

Same goes for Zagam or any other guyver being. The Energy Draining system will always be inferior to that of the True W'Kar.

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Actually that makes it kinda cool, you could always have it that the energy draining system can potentially create a melt down overload and cause your character to literally blow up :twisted:

Perhaps have it as a possible kami kazi feature that would allow your character to sacrifice its life to take out an entire planet or an entire fleet of opponents in the name of the Order :twisted:

But otherwise, like Zagam, using too much power can damage your character and require regeneration time. But for more reasonable power augmentation it can still give your character an edge as long as not over used.

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I've got a question. what exactly is Darmon anyway? Is it just the name of the system?

A back up system implemented in the WG units in case the HSL failed to activate....Life Force Warrior Guyver is an example of this...check out his datafile. Possibly named after the creator who made it and probably worked with solom to create the warrior units.

You can use it, Anubis does have knowledge of the W'Kar units, his own and Ereshkigals gave him that knowledge.

He also has knowledge of the Warrior Tech as well now that he capture WG2's unit as well as WG3 and the Zeus armor, so I agree he could devise a way to implement it in the Wyvern even though, as you said, it wasn't made for that unit.

The famous question would be why would he do such a thing?

I'll keep coming up with more concepts and ideas to make it more complex, yet interesting and understandable. Your ideas are always welcome. And thanks zeo1234 for your input.

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No, the origins of the Darmon effect haven't yet been revealed in the fic. And yes, it wasn't named after a Creator.

And the WG's only have a backup power system BASED on the Darmon effect.

Like I said before a pale comparison of what it was based on and no, just having the WG2 and WG3 unit doesn't mean Anubis has full knowledge on how WG unit's work. The technology is basically encrypted, which is why the Creators in the WG universe are having such a hard time rediscovering the technology.

As to what Darmon actually is, "No Comment" :twisted:

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Anubis has enough knowledge to know how it works, not how to reproduce one. The most he may be able to accomplish is figuring out how the CPM works or how to recreate the Zeus armor, maybe even so far as how to make an HSL. But as of right now it is still escaping him, the Warrior Unit was not only ahead of it's time, but one of the best units made in history. Like someone making a cellphone in the 1920's. They can understand what it does, how it does such, but making it work and making a new one, that'll take time and alot of backwards engineering, which is why you don't see another warrior guyver general in the order right now.

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Well here's one theory...What about the concept of Psychic energy draining? Zoalords have a huge mental ability, I would be surprised if they couldn't gain energy by draining it through such a link. I may still keep that Darmon concept in my character but other ideas could take place between now and later.

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Well, Alkanphel is a supposed to be a multi-talent Zoalord. Possibly possessing all the abilties of the 12 Zoalords combined. And even in his weakened condition in the Manga he could still redirect Mega Smashers a full 180 and even pilot the Ark all by his lonesome. It's even stated he could take on all 12 Zoalords and win.

So he definitely would have the potential to produce a psionic energy draining ability and Anubis does have enough knowledge about Zoaforms to possibly replicate the energy draining system that way.

It's a possibility anyway and would make your character more unique.

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