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  1. Wow. I can barely remember that chapter, it's been so long since I read it. I knew they both combined or something to fight Gigantic Dark but one of them looked like a ball and then they fused and started fighting. Creating a bunch of large tornados and such. Do we need to make a petition like they did for Young Justice? By the way I'm so glad Young Justice is back!
  2. Wait a minute, what? Jabir's Zoalord form?! What the hell. When was that?
  3. I'm somewhat interested in this movie. Definitely loving the fact that Vegeta will get Super Saiyan God. Not sure why they waited this long to showcase him using it but hey, whatever. More than anything I want to see Goku and Vegeta use the fusion dance to become Gogeta and kill Broly. The non-canon match we've all waited for since the Budokai 3 opening. It would also give Toriyama the chance to develop a personality for him, since we only got to see 4 minutes of him in the fusion reborn movie (not counting GT Gogeta because he's a bit of a goof). And if you're wondering, yes. Gogeta is m
  4. It's kind of sad at this point. Even the site itself is dead because we're not getting any new information about the next chapter. I wish there was something we could do; like make up a new petition, or send him so much fan mail that it actually jogs his memory, helping him to realize how many fans are left waiting for the next installment of the series. The conclusion, I should say. It should have been done by now. This is getting ridiculous!
  5. I'm still here. Been watching a lot of Kamen Rider in the meantime. Figured I would check and see if there were any new updates. Hope it'll be finished at some point, before I start hitting my 30's.
  6. My god this is sad. We're so close to the end of the series. And here we sit, simply wondering where and when it'll all end. This is by far the longest and most brutal hiatus. That is, if we're still assuming he'll return to finishing the manga.
  7. Such a huge disappointment. I've been gone from this site for about a month or so, and I finally remembered it so I came back. And here I find no new update on the next chapter. Btw what is this emote? WG? Who is that?
  8. That would be awesome. Hey it worked for Young Justice. I'm game!
  9. I see the word "Guyver!" Oh, it says Guyber (????) /lol Either way, that means something I think. Hopefully they're still working on it.
  10. I'm just going to pretend that he's preparing for something big and will surprise us! Which is why he's lowkey letting us down but keeping the updated chapters hush hush.
  11. A S-Saint Seiya reboot!? Oh my god I just had an orgasm! I love the Saint Seiya series so much. I hope he will be adding the Heaven arc like originally planned.
  12. Well that is certainly disappointing. Is there any way for us fans to specifically write him a letter, asking him the details of his masterplan (assuming he has one).
  13. I would really hope not. I never truly knew what the Guyver series was until I started watching the anime. And in watching the 26 episode series I understood just how interesting this franchise was, not only was it cool to watch but also had a very gripping yet engrossing plot. It was a little disappointing to find that the anime series had only lasted until episode 26, but then I realized the manga was still ongoing, so I slowly begun to read that. Naturally I just picked up where I left off, which was straight after Neo-Zektole's defeat and the Zoalords reshaping the world. Now I am eagerly
  14. I would like to think that from his name alone, we can figure out who he is. Although it isn't likely that we'll find out anytime soon. I would have to agree with Matt and outOfcontrol3. To me, he seems to be using two different personalities. On one hand his armor itself is made from the same material as the Guyver's Control Medal, which is something none of the Zoalords even have access to. And he speaks of returning everything to nothingness, while singlehandedly fighting off Sho in his Guyver Gigantic mode. He's even strong enough to fight any of the other Zoalords. Which tells me he is on
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