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  1. Ladies and Gents, how do we react to that tweet?
  2. Well Guyver is my no.2 of all-time favourite manga/anime (Berserk is no.1). Back in 80s and 90s it had a chance to bloom and become all-time-greatest, but Takaya's slow pace wasted its potential.. I have more faith seeing Berserk ending, than Guyver.
  3. I'm a little bit afraid that this game will be that this game will be Berserk version of Dystansy/Samurai Warrios. Nevertheless, I'll buy it
  4. Normal Guyver would might have a problem dealing with some roaches, but Gigantic and Exceeded in my opinion would be enough. Roaches cold blodded killing is frightning - no anger, emotion or lust just simple murder. Fascinating is the fact that they are not corrupted by power like human, they seem to act as one.
  5. So anyone is reading this manga? I started 2 weeks ago and need to say that is pretty good title.
  6. Yeah I saw that. I hope Krumeggnic will do a comeback and will show some kick-ass powers.
  7. As I don't have access to Advocacy translations, Luggnagg de Krumeggnic's powers were explained? How do they work? So far it looks that it boosts Jabir powers, but alone he is nothing more than just a "ball".
  8. That movie was so bad, I thought was prepared for that, but I was wrong. I wonder if the people responsbile for the scenario have ever read comic or watched even cartoon. The list "What is wrong with this movie" is really long.
  9. I like the Dragon Ball Super Manga, but I can't stand the anime. I think Toriyama is worn out and just trying to find anything to appease the fans. I thought the two recent movies were good, especially Resurrection F. I have no shame in loving Super Saiyan Blue and Golden Frieza. Something about them just seems refreshing. I really wish the new forms become available for a created character in a new Dragon Ball Xenoverse game. Battle of Gods was cool, I won't denied it,movie was pretty logical. Resurrection of F had great idea, but in my opinion turned out to be cheap ass. I expected that Freeza evolution will be something similar to Cooler 5th form, instead, we got "Super Saiyajin" Freeza. SSJ Blue to me look like some sort of photoshoped SSJ. No to mention that I liked idea of SSJ God is special transformation whih require saiyans to share energy, also I liked idea of powerful god like Beerus ( I like that bastard ^^). I hope that idea of Super Dragon Balls and the twin universe develope in right direction. Unofrutently, Dragon Ball Xenoverse also disappointed me...
  10. Super Saiyan Super Saiyan God aka. Super Saiyan Blue and Freeza "new evolution" show how lame and forceful new Dragon Ball series is. Though, I like the idea of tournament between two universes (in my opinion they borrowed idea from that fan-made Dragon Ball manga http://www.dragonball-multiverse.com/),Dragon Ball Super doesn't feel like Dragon Ball at al. Cell Saga was pretty dark and distrubing, all Cell's assimilation thing gave me some chills when I was kid.
  11. The movie is pretty bad. I love the manga, I even enjoyed the anime, but movie was more amusing than fascinating. First of all, only Japanesee cast... I don't want to sound racist or something, but come on... In manga only Mikasa's family is Asian descedant. All the chopper wrecks around the wall, what the hell?. Titans look creppy, but not in manga-like cool way, but like creepy-cheesy bad way. Sex scene before Titans ambush was pretty amusing, it was like never go full retard. And this fut guy with big axe who takedown a titan.... For real? Did the person who is responsible for the script has ever read the manga? Thismovie is bad and creator of this should feel bad.
  12. Just ended One-punch Man, so I'm left with crappy Dragon Ball Super. After every episode I'm asking myself why I'm watching this... I guess nostalgia. Last night I watched Boruto: The Movie. Need to say I enjoyed it. During the summer I've started watching Hokuto no Ken.
  13. Yep, the animation is on pair with PlayStation 2 cutsceenes. About the previous 3 movies, I was dissapointed that they skipped Wyald and some of Guts childhood. That censorship....
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