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  1. Still here can't live without guyver.
  2. Woooow what is the size of this figure?
  3. I have it. No need to paint it already has been painted in gold. Very nice and unique.
  4. When guyver 2 figma will be released
  5. Woooow will buy all of them.
  6. Guys don't forget we need also the exceed of both guyver 1&3.
  7. Guys where can I read guyver manga I need good site.
  8. I hope also they continue the max bfc.
  9. Guys let's try to contact max factory and push them to continue the Bfc line same when we did before.
  10. Hi there guys yes it is limited and I have all the max factory guyver kit set (the full set) and all the big ones. Almost every thing about guyver I have it.
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