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  1. A demonstration of this Guyver figurine can be watched at the MXF 30th - The History of Max Factory: The First 15 Years live streaming event.
  2. Images of the Guyver OVA can also be found from the Guyver OVA Image Gallery section of the Guyver Solution Web site.
  3. This is the segment in the Guyver manga that follows after Guyver IIF's sudden appearance before Aptom. However, the actual manga volume contains additional pages from this scene that Monthly Shonen Ace magazine does not include. That is why the transition between the two segments from the Guyver manga published in Monthly Shonen Ace magazine appears to be broken, or left in a state of void.
  4. As this is the end of the segment to the last chapter of volume 31, the pages to the Guyver manga from the September 2014 issue of Monthly Shonen Ace magazine can temporarily be found here.
  5. The answer to your question can still be found from your original post.
  6. Pre-orders have already been made available on one Web site. This news has been out since last week.
  7. The translator's threads on the 4chan Web site can be found at the following URLs: https://archive.moe/m/thread/13162092/ https://archive.moe/m/thread/13121436/ https://archive.moe/m/thread/13209883/ https://archive.moe/m/thread/13214094/
  8. That message was from me. It appears that the problem still persists. I cannot properly log-out of my own account. As such, someone could potentially hijack my login credentials by simply accessing the forum, and impersonate me. Please continue to look into this security threat.
  9. It has been out from the Chinese translation group for a few hours now. Cannibal should be giving his update at any moment.
  10. No, U. S. Renditions allowed for the nudity scene to appear in its entirety with their English dubbed version of the Guyver OVA series. An episode preview video clip, showing images of the un-cut scene, can be found in the Guyver OVA - Episode Guide section of the Guyver Solution Web site. However, I do not recall in seeing a preview clip of the last episode having been released by Manga Entertainment in their VHS distribution version.
  11. Search for the original English dubbed version distributed by U. S. Renditions. It should not be too difficult to find.
  12. Thank you for letting me know. For any forum members who are having difficulty with visiting the Web site link, please send to me a private message in detail about the problem through the forum. You are correct. However, only two new pages have been included to this portion of the chapter. This latest chapter has been added to the end of the recently published Volume 31 of the Guyver manga series.
  13. According to the Kadokawa Shoten Web site when they announced the autograph session with Yoshiki Takaya for the release of the Guyver manga series' 30th volume, the first chapter was published in the year, 1985.
  14. Guyver I makes a brief, but comical, special appearance in promotion of the Figma Guyver I at the August 2014 edition of Good Smile Company's Kahotan.
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