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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


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Wow, I haven't seen this trailer yet.  I'd admit, that third eyed Dr. Strange gave me the creeps.  Lots of interesting things revealed here so I'm not sure how deep the story is or if this is another trolling marvel is doing.  I guess they're not as tight lipped with this since it was already revealed that Sir Patrick Stewart will be here.  Scarlet Witch, her children, Professor X.  This literally is screaming House of M at me.  After this movie, who knows what's gonna happen.  Could this be the event that allows them to retcon the MCU continuity? 

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I feel that a lot of the people who sees the recent phases of the MCU to be unsatisfactory was due to the magic that the original Avengers cast members brought to the table.  Not to mention the build up and anticipation to Endgame made the previous movies exciting.  At the moment, the next big bad is Kang, and in my opinion, is not as threatening as Thanos.  In addition, a lot of the ensemble in the recent phases are not as iconic as the likes of Iron Man and Captain America.  Fantastic Four may be able to bring that magic back, but it's still a wait and see how Kevin Feige can save the first family from the previous flop they encountered.

I've long since abandoned any expectations from the MCU and just enjoy the ride.  If I like it, I'll praise it, if I don't, I'll just shake it off.  Nothing good will come out of me dwelling on how I hated a movie.

When I saw Multiverse of Madness, I was hoping to see a lot more other than the "illuminati", but seeing them was still a treat, despite how everything horribly ended.  The smartest man alive? :lol: 

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