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Justice League - The Snyder Cut


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got to be honest, this trailer is absolutely awful. I had to keep rewinding it to try and figure out what they were saying, the sound mix is really bad and i just zoned out half way through because it was such a cacophony or random imagery.


lmao at that screenshot XD

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Even with the enhanced visual effects and all the eye candy stuff, it's kinda difficult to salvage a movie that has a disappointing story, unless they include scenes that would completely alter the whole narrative of the movie.  With the lnclusion of Darkseid and Joker, I'm hopeful, but not too much.


And if by chance that this release goes beyond expectation, does that mean we will be getting a part 2 for this?  

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Well, what do you know, they did include a lot of scene that completely altered the narrative.  After comparing the Whedon and Synder version, I'm really starting to dislike Whedon.  I mean, I hate it that he made a monkey out of Captain America in the first Avengers movie, now I've seen how he butchered Justice League.  I'm starting to think that Whedon un/consciously sabotaged Justice League.  With the Snyder cut, it opens up a lot of opportunities with all the fore-shadowng he placed in the movie.  Only time will tell if we'll see the Snyver-verse gets expanded.

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Saw it. It was good. Some people claimed it was better than 'Avengers', which in some ways it was and in other ways it was not.

The characterization remains skewed compared to the source material (Except Gal Gadot who was perfect), the epilogue was cringy and Jared Leto cemented his position as World's Worst Joker.

But damn if it wasn't a hunk of film. I really feel something happened. And it really does have a je-ne-sais-quoi  that the Marvel movies lack. That is good. The franchises don't need to be identical, and DC always had a little more grandeur than Marvel.

And the Snyder cut is of course infinitely better than the Whedon cut.  But I don't blame Whedon. Hindsight is 20/20.

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I loved it. I really liked Ben Affleck's Batman and Superman in it. I really hope he comes back and reprises his role for the next film. If there is one. 

17 hours ago, Salkafar said:

(Except Gal Gadot who was perfect),

I respectfully disagree. I'd probably like her and the character she portrays better if Warner Bros and herself wasn't using WW as an advocate for gun control/ reform. I'm a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and I believe guns save just as many lives as they take. 

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19 hours ago, jerrygoodman said:

Managed to catch it, definitely an improvement over what we got in theatres.

And they certainly got Mongul right, IMHO.

Fully agreed. I hope they do eventually get to the other classic villains like Brainiac, the Star Conqueror, or even Darkseid.


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