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  1. I just hope U guys could find a way to get him involved in one of the fics. theres great potential for him
  2. Mad_W'kar

    Nano Xetel

    actually his pic is my favorite on the site
  3. where U get those thoughts is one of the greater mystorise in life McAvoy
  4. I don;t know about U guys but I hate to see him meet anubs. to me it would spoil some fun
  5. mine would be when Imkarium killed his brother.
  6. I really think an Nvidia card is the best thing U can use for gamening.
  7. Finally............................. sweeeeeeeeeeeet
  8. 1-GWOTG 2- Return of W'Kar sorry to hear about your house man!!
  9. I have all the eps up to 19................is ep 20 out yet?
  10. I have got my hands on all the eps all the way to ep 18 but it has no subtitles so I'm missing on a lot of stuf. does any 1 know where I could get the subs from?
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