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  1. Cool. Sounds liek hte word is getting out and who ever put the link up was looking out big time.
  2. See that's a good way of looking at it. Everyone has their own reasons for doing what they do it is our own individual minds that determine for ourselves what is right and what is wrong. To Agito, his style of leading to get what he wants is fine. He knows what has to be sacrificed to get there and he is willingto do what it takes. It may seem immoral to some but to gain power you must have teh ability to shrug off certain aspects of yourself to get where you ultimately want to be. Alkanphel seems to be beant on revenge. His parents left him and his soldiers for dead. They wanted nothing else to with them and cast them off without hesitation. He wants answers, he wants the love that he was denied and he wants to fulfill his goal that was given to him all those years ago and he is doing it all to any affect. He cares not about the means, as long as his goal is acquired. In many ways he and Agito are a lot a like. Just take a look and you'll see the similarities. As for Sho, it's like Agito said in the anime. He lead a pretty normal life before he got caught up in all this and he is merely fighting to regain that. He wants everything to go back to how it was and wants to protect his friends at any cost so they can bask in hte same normalcy that he acquires from his batles. You know the reasons for the actions taken, so can you blame them for doing what they do to get to the final goal? I can't I don't see any side as evil they are merely going about the path they chose to find what they do not have. Thus is the way of life.
  3. You know that is a hard uestion to answer. The proof is some where but I don't have it. I don't have an argument against or for the belief. But I will say that I believe in a higher power that gave birth to life here on Earth. I could give this presence or physical force the name god, but I choose to merely call it a higher power. So I'm going to say I believe in god but I hope my meaning behind is taken into account
  4. I see what you're saying. It's the whole yin and yang philosophy. You can't have one without the other because with only on there is imbalance and chaos. Though the fighting between the two seems to cause chaos in itself but it is healty. You are right though thatthe guyvers would need to adopt some of Chronos tech to even come close to fighting them. They have the gigantic to combat zoalords but their are a lot of zoalords and only on Gigantic. Zeus has been very smart and cunning. After all Agito is a poster boy of leadership. He holds the major keys; conviction, the look, intelligence and strength. Without these he wouldn't be able to command such a force as he has and he even convinced a Chronos scientist to aid him in his endeavors. Guyver one only has Aptom on his side and Hayami is no more now. Both guyvers have a zoanoid on their side, but Gigantic Dark has a small army and Griselda. It's crazy to see that Chronos has the upper hand with Gigantic Dark following suit and Guyver I with litle to nothing to stand on besides his unit and with enough will the Gigantic and Aptom.
  5. Pacifism, I think we can all agree with that. The need to fight back in the Takaya Guyver is little right now among normal people. I mean why would thye want to fight back, Chronos gives them protectio nand the promise of a brighter future through voluntary evolution or by merely living life as it is. Warrior guyver on the other hand with the guyvers on a constant striking against Chronos people have more of a reason to want to resist anad join hte fight because they have the open mind to see that Chronos is not what it makes itself to be. The ACTF with it's guyver forces allows for a type of visual aid. People see truth when they want to. The truth that Chronos is merely using humanity as pawns at the will of Alkanphel becomes more apparent when the guyvers use their power to combat them. But so far it seems a good majority of us would join Chronos at this very moment because we know how much power they are packing in both universes. Biological and scientific supremacy and a strangle hold that has only Gigantic Dark truly putting them on edge.
  6. I don't really think yo auvhe to worry about how Chronos is going to treat the rest of the human race. Think of them as any other organization, bad moves that can't be covered up easily are looked down upon and they lose faith among the masses thus losing this nice hold they have on society as it is. Just like with the guyvers in opposition, if anyone were to find out the true intentions of the guyvers then all would be lost and uprise would come. Look at Krumeggnic, Cabrahl, and Jurvill right now, thye have caused a bit of trouble with their actions thus far, two reporters know that they are the ones that killed Purgstall and not the Guyver Gigantic. Since they are the only ones that know this bit of information, it is useless without proof to even try and deliver it to anyone within Chronos so that those three may be dealt their punishment. Sad to say that is just how the world works. Hmmm, I guess I never did specify what terms of reality were at play here. When I say that I mean I never said if this was based on the warrior guyver universe or specifically the Yoshiki Takaya "Guyver". Either way I guess. Shooting for a zoalord would be nice but you ahve to think of what it truly entails. I mean you ahve to be a strong willed person apparently. They never really went over the criteria of becoming a zoalord but test bodies must be needed for each one right? If you ahd joined Chronos earlier on and been a test body for one of the zoalords you may have come out a little worse for wear. I guess going by Warrior Guyver standards you could easily take on any processing. It would seem a good a mount of people take to the Overlord and Protozoalord processes. I guess you never know what kind of abilities you would be gifted with. But you would think that if they have perfected the process that they woud create new styles of zoalords with varying abilities outside of the twelve for experimentation and possible use on the original twelve. Man I'm rambling. I'm going to stop now.
  7. See there is always that problem with lost no. You can only do so much to a body beffore it become s a lost no. apparently. Like with Neo-Zektole, they gave him all the powers of team five and that ability to resist Aptoms ability and induce the virus into him. That amount of stress on the body caused not only the lost no. effect, but reduced his longevity. As for Aptom he's a one in a million that I doubt Balcus would ever place more time into creating a similar creature for the safety of Chronos. Then it would seem if the prcoess made yo ua lost no. you would be able to resist the commands of hte zoalods and be considered junk and possibly a liability leaving you with the option of having to run and try and survive which would be easy if you had the powers of either Aptom or Neo-Zektole. Guess you gotta hope you come out a perfect specimen rather than a "gone wrong guinea pig".
  8. It's all good. I was never one for control anyway. I like being the easy rider. No, way to go all meglo.
  9. Oh, I never said you chose wrong. You do what you wish and you live with your choice, just don't regret it. Like me If I were to join Chronos I wouldn't be pissed off dying at the hands of a guyver. I fought for what I believed (I would hope), and that would be it. If I was a Libertus and knew what it entailed I would be fine with my choice and glad to hold the power to stop Chronos and hopefully free those close to me. Even though I would know that in time I would perish from the process that gave me such power I would know that before I went that I would have freedom from Chronos. Hestitation and regret are both hinderances when it comes to war. There is no time for either of them and in this kind of situation you can't have them.
  10. Meh, it's all good. I didn't much as a mod that I don't do now. I never kept order or anything I was always about what was going on behind hte scenes rather than keeping people from causing arguments and what not.
  11. That's one of my problems sometimes I over think things and make them harder than what they should be. In this instance. Over thinking is not a problem because the aspects of the individual parties come into play greatly. I try my best to think certain situations thoroughly through before I make a final decision. Sometimes a gift, sometimes a drag, meh.
  12. It's hard to keep everything inperspective here for myself. On the one hand there are the guyvers. Sho being more the guy you want to fight with and hope will eventually show up and maybe even deliver you to safe place if you do decide to rebel. Agito, being the enigmatic leader he is with a force consisting of humans and Libertus Zoanoids and hte infamous Griselda has the means to get his goal and has an offer you may not be able to refuse if you wish to resist Chronos on a large scale and actually get some where. Chronos does offer a great deal though. Looking at the possibilities of being processed into a variety of different zoaforms to suit your fancy would be nice, but that process has never been delved into if you volunteer to be processed. You may not have that choice nad may just be converted into what they need at the time. And there is also the possibility that you could end up as a scientist aiding in research and development rather than being a soldier in the field. I guess I would join Chronos and go through their rigorous training in hopes of becoming a hyper zoanoid. I guess I would I could get put in a similar situation as Murakami and possibly be used in a situation in zoalord form development , or an experimental type that would be used to combat the guyver a bit better than the enzyme types. Uisng me as a test subject I guess I could hope that I would keep some sort of longevity and maybe turn out to be a lost no. outside of zoalord control. If this is just a pipe dream I think Zeus' Thunderbolt will do as my second option. Heck being a Libertus wouldn't be so bad if I decided to somehow get some info on the Enzyme IIIs to help with the development process.
  13. But that almost goes for every fighting game that has a boss as godly as him. You finally obtain the ability ot play as him and you are only getting like a quarter of the abilities the computer had. But what do you expect, the computer doesn't have to use it's fingers.
  14. Used to be a mod when I actually did some writing. I've was out of hte loop for ages. So not being a mod doesn't bother me. I'm still around for the good times.
  15. Dear god. ::bows:: You are like some sort of crazy guyver god in fleshy clothing.
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