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  1. I often wonder if Takaya has a plan for the story or if he just makes it up as he goes along. I'm ready for it to end now. .....After a wrap up of course & a mega happy ending
  2. Just finishing up 97 of Kai, that's the end of the cell saga.
  3. Maybe I should just go with ignorance is bliss? I'm at ep 60 now - the Androids have just arrived.
  4. So I finally got around to watching Dragonball Z, I'm watching the Kai version I've gotten to episode 40 something, Goku just burried Vegeta and has starting round 1 with Freiza. Enjoying it so far. Will I miss any 'must watch' scenes by not watching the original. *Please avoid major spoilers*
  5. I hope that after I have passed a few Dan grades my hair turns Gold and I aquire flight. It the mean time I'll keep traning hard towards my 1st Dan :-)
  6. So is Original vs Kai just remastered with with new dubs? Yes it will need spelling out for me :-)
  7. Why give a chance to counter?, he could of powered up and used the Gigasmasher to take out the whole mountain. Does he want something? Where's Murakami lately?
  8. I'll look into it, thanks :-)
  9. I'm only considering an upgrade following the FFVII announcement, I'd pretty much given up on the console Wars and was content to stick with my X360. I'm going to wait till FFVII gets a release date and for which systems before deciding on a new choice of console. With that you could say backwards compatibility is irrelevant, just seems logical if an upgrade is possible, I've got a lot of time to wait and see :-)
  10. I'd really like a Finale wrapped in with a second series anime too ☺
  11. I'd really like to watch all of Dragon ball z, but if I remember rightly the individual eps took forever to get anywhere (cartoon network experience in my college days). Is there an abridged movies version?
  12. Doesn't the Major get naked a fair bit? C'mon Scarlet commit to the roll :-)
  13. It's logical to upgrade if I can take my 360 library with me.
  14. Do in buy a PS4 or assume Xbox will get it? I haven't gone next gen yet but I will for this game!
  15. At least something appears to be happening but I worry Guyver has gone off the boil a bit and I'm not sure if Takaya really knows where the story will go. I hope both the Guyvers kiss & make up, their best moments were fighting side by side against the big bad. They should pair up and plan to end it once and for all.
  16. Maybe the person wearing unit 0 was a total nutter!
  17. Well I've started playing Crisis core (FFVII) on PSP to follow up with FFVII (psn PSP), I still have to pick a big screen title - I might give portal a look at next, its co op mode intrigues me ☺ Also if there are any xbox 360 users out there - the Burnout titles are on sale.I highly recommend Burnout Revenge!
  18. I've just finished watching this - it was awesome. Although it did somewhat demotivate me in my Taekwondo training - it hit home that if I really want to be stronger & fitter I need to live in the middle of nowhere with no job, wife or worldy possessions. I currently train in class twice a week - it's a slow road.
  19. What game shall I start next? (Still untouched on my shelf) Options are : Zelda - Majorca's mask. FFVII Dirge of Cerberus (although I'll probably feel compelled to quick play through FFVII again prior. BioShock trilogy Portal 2 Borderlands
  20. Yeah, just a bit pricey. Maybe a reissue will come out one day.
  21. Is Guyot's grudge bigger with Sho or Agito ?
  22. OK imagine if Guyver II wasn't damaged and Lisker remained loyal to Cronos - events would play out very differently. I'd love to have seen Guyvers II & III really go at it.
  23. I recon the damaged medal was equivalent to either a heart condition or blood pressure problem in a human. Life expectancy would be dependant on a calm lifestyle. The minute he lost it game over.
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