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  1. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4792644/19/Darkest_Hour Ok then, lol. Glad you're enjoying it!
  2. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4792644/18/Darkest_Hour Finally! Just a short one, checking in on who is doing what.
  3. He always kind of gives me the creeps, he's like a demented Santa look-a-like who always seems to be measureing everyone up for a nice glass tube.
  4. Imakarum - sorry, but I love it when good guys go darkside, I always wanted Luke to go off with Darth Vader *shrugs* What does that say about my personality? lol
  5. Tea is the dark and dastardly work of Satan! lol. Sorry, I hate tea, I always have. In the very unlikely event I drink coffee, it has to be flavored, preferably caramel or vanilla, although on the whole if it isn't carbonated and called Pepsi Max or Diet Cherry coke, I tend to avoid it altogether anyway.
  6. The world is going to end in 2012. Britain will have it's opening ceremony for the Olympics, (consisting of musical entertainment - Buskers from all over London playing clashing tunes all at the same time, so that no one is quite sure what any of them are playing- and a fireworks display - consisting of half a dozen kids running around the stadium with sparklers-) and the rest of the world will die laughing, while the British die of embarrassment (it is a noted condition in this country, people claim they're going to die of embarrassment every day). Anyone who misses 'death by opening ceremony' will swiftly die of starvation, or because the power will soon shut down with no one to run it.
  7. no, I was watching this tv program called "kill it, cook it, eat it". one of the people participating was a vegan and was such a hypocrite. the comparison between plants and animals.. not so nuts. we only relate to animals because of their similarity to us. it doesn't make them any more or less alive. that's what i find hypocritical.. because they say things like "look at that wonderful beautiful living creature" I bet he/she wasn't averse to a good quality pair of leather walking boots though, or were they killing/cooking and eating in hemp flip flops?
  8. Don't know if it counts, but 7Zark7, the mobile tin can from Battle of the Planets (the bastardized version of Gatchaman - hence the reason I'm not sure it counts, lol). Mizuki - Sorry, but from moment 1 in both the OVA and the 2005, I just wished some big ass Zoanoid would stomp on her whiny, shrill, irritating ass.
  9. Well, if you don't want to sugar coat it, still offer the reading suggestions, but make bringing their English up to an acceptable standard part of a performance/pay review. It may not have been a requirement for the job when they joined up, but if it's going to affect future prospects, either in or out of the company, it might be worth doing.
  10. Depends what they're interested in really, if they hate detective stories, there really isn't any point in recommending Sherlock Holmes. I've always found the Susan Cooper Dark is Rising series a good read for 'kinda creepy, kinda mystery, kinda general' interest, while if they like sci-fi, maybe the Hitchhikers Guide 'trilogy'. Hell, give them the English translation of the Guyver chapters, so they can directly compare how the sentence structure differs if you have any in their first language. Maybe don't make him/her feel singled out, they might feel a little picked on, how about trying to get together some kind of informal book group, so a few people can read the same book, and they can talk about it, then if there's anything they have difficulty understanding in the book, they can ask about it without feeling embarrassed.
  11. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4792644/17/Darkest_Hour Stone me, FINALLY chapter 17 is up
  12. If you can't think, you're not adaptable, and if you're not adapatable, you're not much use as an ultimate bioweapon. If that's what you want, so much more efficient to built yourself a robot, and simply program it to 'crush, kill, destroy'. Also, if you can't reason, you're just going to kill everything in your path, enemies, allies, innocents.
  13. Ouchie! There is a very dim bright side, though, it could have happened yesterday.

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