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Usually on CoD4 but will hop on Halo 3 if I deem you a worthy opponent. XD Naw just kidding I'm OKAY at Halo. I was better a year ago but after a long break I suck now. I'm also on Burnout: Paradise a lot.

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My gamer tag is Steelcoldkiller. I play my PS3 more than the Xbox. Mainly due too my 360 sounding like a jumbo jet in the TV cabnet I have. I will be playing Halo Reach when I get time. Left 4 Dead 1&2, Dead Rising 1&2 (when it comes out) Fable 2, Modern Warfare 2, Streetfighter 4 (regular on 360, Championship edition on the PS3)

But mainly one player games like Fallout and Masseffect 1&2. I expect Fallout New Vegas to consume me for months.

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May as well stick my Tags up :)

360: ErutanXiku

PS3: HameedSSM

I play more on the PS3 mainly for the free online...I feel so bad saying that, but I just can't afford the 360 subscription right now :sad: As for why my PS3 ID 'breaks the pattern' it's because we set it up when my brother's PS3 was the only one we had, and this account was shared between myself and my other brother, and eventually became mine...also I'm too lazy to set up a new one; maybe one day though, when I feel the urge to replay some games...

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You heard right about it being part of a series "Tales of ..." Though not all of the games are really good; most are and they do a lot of crossover spin-offs with their own titles like Radiant Mythology; Narikiri Dungeon and Tales of VS (that came out before Dissidia...)

Of the games I have played, I'd say most are like marmite - every game in existence is like marmite actually - but what I mean is, I went out of my way to own every title released in the EU and I've loved all of them in their special way; Vesperia was a little rocky. I loved how it was different in story, but at times the scenes and writing was just tiresome to get through - if you're planning on picking it up, I won't spoil anything, but the grander scale of the story is much better than the smaller scenes that make it up I feel.

That said, my most favourite title is Tales of the Abyss on the PS2 and is due for a 3DS port - it never came out this side, but I was so desperate to play it, I had a little help with Swap Magic :); the anime does a good job of staying faithful, but eliminates some elements that added to character depth/development - and I'm not too keen on Tales of Legendia - another one that wasn't released this side, but I can't say I outright hate it since I haven't finished it yet...it just got a little tedious with the writing and characterisations.

Apart from that, I quite enjoy the stories each one comes up with - Vesperia has elements from Symphonia (that came out on the GC) and Abyss, and gameplay is quite fun with good AI for the other party members, which you can switch between if the need arises :) Speaking of Symphonia, as it was my introduction, I loved how deep the story was and each character had a stake in what was going on, though they do use Anime-style cliche's at certain points, but it didn't impact my enjoyment of the title.

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I blitzed through FFXIII as fast as I could to get the pain over with...

I never had high hopes for it, in case it was bad, but when I watched the opening and heard the music, I was in awe and allowed myself to believe for a moment that I had it all wrong...and then a particular clip came up, and reality came crashing down. It was a painful slap in the face and playing the game didn't ease the soreness...though I had good times ripping the proverbial out of it with my brother :lol:

Of the two titles, I thoroughly enjoyed Vesperia (despite its flaws) much more than FFXIII, but that's just me :)

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I realised I did not make a PS3 thread for you guys who own one.

there is a 360 gamertag thread but no ps3 one so here it is.

I don't have a PS3 but I am seriously considering getting one.

since I wish to play portal 2 and the system requirements are absolutely insane, I will need to play it on a console.

can you believe it requires minimum 3Ghz processor? i went into comet and they don't even stock a machine that high.

the highest they have is a 2.8Ghz.

so who has one and what is your .... profile name? I don't know what they are called. but if you all share your profile then whoever has one can link up.

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PSN Account: HameedSSM

Current Games:

Marvel vs Capcom 3

White Knight Chronicles

Super Street Fighter IV

BlazBlue Continuum Shift

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

I'm usually online during the weekends or Monday evenings...I miss the days when I could play for hours on end.

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