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Tribute to Asian Women


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All the Asian girls I pretty much like are almost flat-chested. I don't see anything wrong with that.

I agree, I think the most important feature on a woman is good skin.

I'm not too worried about her shape but if she has good skin then I am very happy.

also, I like a woman who has a lot of self respect, hence why i prefer with more clothes on. she is less likely to have some STI and also her attitude would be nicer. you can tell by her smile too.

I would post pictures here, but i don't collect them.

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Sure, please do share what you can find. Like topic says, this is a tribute to Asian women. Alternatively we have youtube tags in the board that you can make use of, so you could post

[youtube]you tube link here[/youtube]

like so:

But I guess I'm going to stick pictures as I'm not that articulate in finding good videos.

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