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Tribute to Asian Women


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Before anything else, please consider if this is in any way a violation of the TOS in this site. If this thread has violated anything, please feel free to remove this thread.

Well, at least to spice things up a little, I'd like to show you some interesting pictures of Japanese girls. I do hope I am not offending anyone in anyway with this post. This is to offer tribute to the beautiful in which we appreciate as art.

I will be posting pictures of beautiful women and I am enjoining everyone to do the same. By the way, no nude/pornographic stuffs here as that would be offensive and contradictory to this thread.

Nao Nanao


Akane Souma


Yui Ichikawa


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cool, I think it's a nice thread as long as we remain in the spirit of admiration and not descend into lecherousness/perversion.

those are some very attractive women there :)

I don't see the model that i like, and i can't even remember her name anyway :mrgreen:

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Very beautiful women we have here. It just goes to show ya that Asian women are most definently some of the most beautiful women around. Just seeing pictures of these beautiful women posing in all of these lovely poses makes me want to talk and act like Jerry "The King" Lauller from the WWE whenever he sees a beautiful woman. My fav's so far are:

Akane Souma

Mika Hijii

and the one of the girl wearing the pink belt :biggrin:

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I wouldn't say for sure they did anything major.

possibly just smoothing the skin area. but the thing is, I would say it's poorly done because the shadows are too blurry when compared to the sharpness of the hair strands.

although, it is sometimes hard to say exactly.. the lighting looks a bit wrong.. I'd say it's possible they might have even replaced the face or the hair or something.

or it might have been very dark to the right hand side of her face and they might have tried to lighten it up by cloning from another area...

it does look very wrong though.

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