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Tribute to Asian Women


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  • 5 months later...
:shock: You're moving? To where? Why?

My questions might be overlooked after looking at some of Natashi Yi's lovely poses:

I'm moving to Japan.

I thought you knew?

yeah i love Japan. I mean I really love it.

not some fascination, or passing interest, or admiration.

It's like my true home. I look at images, i watch videos, and so on.. and i get tears of joy and an aching in my heart.

don't know how soon i can move, but it shouldn't be more than a couple of years.

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First of all, FANTASTIC THREAD!!!!!!! Asian women are without a doubt some of the most beutiful women on the planet! i've been lucky enough to have sean 3 japanes girls in my life :redface:

Ryuki good lick with move to japan, i dont blame you either japan is one of the most stunning country's the world has. i wish i was moving there myself but for now ( next year ) i'm heading to italy. :rolleyes:

keep up the good work

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