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Guyver Novel pictures for translating


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Ahem, so where do we stand with this novel? I remembered this since Odin mentioned Kamen Rider Novel. Since I also remember Ryuki putting this on ebay, I'm not sure about the future of this project. Personally, I'm not used to the pace that we're doing with the novels. I find it too slow. Although it's much easier for me to encode these in Japanese, having to translate what I encoded is additional effort, something what we call "double handling". I'd like to know where we are on this before I continue to do anything.

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well I didn't manage to sell it, both a blessing and a curse.

while I do need the extra money, I am definitely glad to still have the book.


we can continue with this if you want.

I think though, in terms of pace,  I think there would be more motivation for all of us if we did have the pages in english.

I understand that it may seem like drudge work for you, it is perhaps more drudge work for me who has not the skill to read these words yet.

but of course it is not so much hard work for me who simply photographs the pages.

I think.. I would prefer it if we did work on this a bit at a time and get pages completed in english before continuing.

because that way, I would feel like i am working alongside you, rather than just photographing the pages and then handing it over to you and forgetting about it. I think if we work on it together and finish each bit at a time, then we can support each other.

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Page 16

The little girl who is standing in the entrance of the local police station, said [Pardon my interruption],

with her head bowed.

The police officer in front of the desk, felt like he was a teacher in a classroom.

Usually it's [excuse me] or [umm..], answering in a simple easy tone.

[what's the matter?]

[How do you go to the fifth district of Narisawa]

Without thinking, he looked up at the figure of the girl.

The school badge in her school uniform has a [high]* written on it.

That is the design that can be seen.

Carrying a large vinyl sports bag. This is unexpected. Which district did she come from,

he thought that she was not here to visit a relative.

*tl note: [High] as in high school.

Page 17

(In any case, she is not from here, it might be an influence from friends)

The still young police officer, teased the school girl. Were weren't many courteous girl like this.

-there are places like that.

Her looks was not bad. Her black metal framed glass suits her.

[Where at the fifth district?]<br />[38 of 6. Naganuma Keichirou]

[Are you a relative?]

[Yes, he's my uncle]

[school vacation?]

[Ah, yes. That's this year. I totally forgot]

Seeing her turning her head, the police officer observed the girl.

The girls reply is not like it was obsessed with something. It doesn't look like she ran away.

[um...I'm newly assigned here]

The police officer pointed his finger on the map in the wall.

[is it here. it's a bit far, though. The shop in front of the station, there is a signboard. It's a place with an arcade. Just go straight through there....]

After listening to the explanation, the girl politely bowed her head.

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Page 18

[Thank you very much]

The officer see off the form of a girl walking in the evening street.

He noticed that he forgot to ask her name, then he thought that there is no need for it.

the officer was busy after all.

In the outskirts, there is a place called Mount Narisawa. Although it is called [mountain], it is merely a slightly elevated hill, just a week ago, there was a long haul truck driver killed on the pathway of the mountain side.

There were several suspicious points in the incident. The truck stopped in the mountains outside of the usual route, leaving the vehicle with the engine still running.

At most, the death was a mystery.

It might be an urban legend about a giant beast tearing it off.

The most bothersome thing is that the upper echelons have notified that the area be sealed off, and there was no way to investigate it. There were even rumors that the cargo was a high classified national information, the real situation is unknown.

Because of that, the suspect is still not yet caught until now. There were also those who conceal themselves in fear. The police have also strengthened their patrol.

Even if the girl is a runaway, there is no need to be concerned.

I never would have thought of trying to find out more about the place she was inquiring about.

Page 19


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thanks durendal :)

I don't know how but i was completely unaware that you had posted on the 4th of january. sorry for leaving you hanging there.


Lost unit, I think we had this problem before....

how will you typeset a novel that is just words? :flirt:


lemme see....

I'm thinking it would be cool to make this into a pdf.

that way, the text can be placed in pages and the images will go in among the text.


so in this way,  ...

yes! actually, lost unit, typesetting this does make good sense, because i would need appropriately sized psd files to make the pdf!




I wonder... is there some way I can get the images in a better quality. I don't want to crease the spine so scanning would be troublesome... maybe I would have to just bite the bullet...

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Page 20


Walking in the brick road covered by the high arcade, Naganuma Kiko drew a sigh.

After arriving in Tokyo, this is the second time she talked to someone. The private railway in the Shinjuku station, the station personnel was the first one, and then the police officer.

(Can't understand well)

It was the first time in the capital, and she asked her classmate about the route. This girl, who went to a vacation in the capital, went to concerts and watching movies.

With her words, she said that [talking in your normal language, if you go to Tokyo you won't be able to communicate], she was worried, but somehow made it.

Even the houses on the street, comparing it with the skyscraper in Shinjuku, it was a big difference from her own home which continues from the residential district.

It was the evening of Sunday.

In front of the station are the confusing mass of people going home, the wave of people walking in the shopping district begins to break through, and suddently became dark.

Kiko hastened her walking.

The front that is cut by the arcade was a large highway. The cars heading towards the center of the city continuously go by.

The atmosphere from crossing the highway and the street are different. The area with a wide site are connected to the old apartments.

Page 21

Confirming the markings on the telephone pole, Kiko reached the house she was seeking. It looks like a house from a long time ago, with the narrow winding alleys. No matter how many dead end she faced, when she finally found it, it was already sunset.

(there it is...)

In front of the door with an earthen embedded nameplate, Kiko stood still.

The surname [Naganuma] was indicated there.

There was a thick woods in between the next houses. Pushing on the concrete wall fence, there were various kinds of small trees.

Between the door, a thin deciduous tree is growing.

Inside it, is the house of his uncle that she saw for the first time. In a 2 story western styled house, concrete walls, with ivy growing in the north side.

There was a window in what seems to be like the attic. He was standing there alone in the bright spot, and later went into the dark area of the window.

There seems to be only one light, which is somewhat lonely.

Even in the neighborhood of our has has this kind of mansion, Kiko thought. Remembering herself that she was in an unoccupied house, she became as rough as she wanted.

There was a face of a woman peeking in the window, she can here the sound of a violin inside the house, it had been the rumor.

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I wonder... is there some way I can get the images in a better quality. I don't want to crease the spine so scanning would be troublesome... maybe I would have to just bite the bullet...

i dont know if the pictures here are good enough quality http://www.warriorguyver.com/starsguyverpage/page.htm

but they would at least save you ruining your book...

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it only has the front and back cover and the datafile. none of the illustrations.

at least as far as I could see.

I'm thinking though, I could photograph them and remove the distortion with some clever photoshop manipulation.

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it only has the front and back cover and the datafile. none of the illustrations.

at least as far as I could see.

I'm thinking though, I could photograph them and remove the distortion with some clever photoshop manipulation.

hmm, not sure why its not linked direct to the correct page but try that link again and click 'novel'at the top of the page, then when you get to that page with the front and back cover illustrations, go to the bottom of the page and click ''What we can tell you about the Story'', there are then the picture pages which can be clicked on to be made a bit bigger...

see what you think on the quality though,maybe you could make the photoshop trickery work for better quality.

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i worked on fixing up these photos that I took. it's all going to be rather inconsistent and not ideal since I had to adjust and fiddle and warp and brush up all by hand.

People may not be able to tell the inconsistencies but the fact is, it's not as good as a scan.

if I can manage it at any point, I could get a spare book. but these are out of print... maybe if I can find one that is already damaged? I don't want to damage a perfectly good book when they are so rare.




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those pictures have had a good transformation you done them really good. How long did it take you roughly to do each one. As for getting another book i would give that a miss the book is rare money i short i think for what your doing with this book those pictures will work out just fine they are as good as the manga pictures we get.

It would be nice to see these pictures colored by anyone who's willing to give an input in this ,or are you going to keep it as close to the book as you can.

Anyhow good stuff glad to see this project moving forward.

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cheers guys, well I know the process I did, I can see the things I could not correct. for example, in the second image, the bottom right corner is too dark. I just couldn't get it to fit with the rest of the image.

in either image, there are some portions of the image where the blacks are dark and clean, but other areas, the blacks are not so dark and have noise.

Also, I am not confident that the centre of the images are not distorted slightly.

I used the warp tool and the thing is a little tricky to use.

Lost unit, it took me about 20 mins to do each pic.


coloured? we could have colour versions of them, but not in the pdf.


oh you asked about template earlier. one page = one page. if you take the text that durendal has provided, use the text tool in photoshop to fit it onto a page with the same dimensions as the images I have done here. 1000px wide.

oh, we don't have a standard for the height.... I think 1500px is best.

if the text is placed onto the page just nice, then that is good. the text will be a separate layer. that is good. it is then saved as a psd file and it is done.

I don't know about font. do you think century gothic is ok?

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