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The Suicide Squad


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So 'Guardians of the Galaxy'.

I'll watch it, I think. But it was always a weird timing choice, like all of DCEU's timing has been off.

The Suicide Squad once started off as a special ops team of costumed heroes, but the more famous one is of course the one made up of villains conscripted by the government, specifically scary black ops woman dr.Amanda Waller.

Obviously they have to have Harley Quinn in it again because apparently someone  at WB thinks she has to be (although for my money especially this version of this pointless character really doesn't) but the rest of the choices are a little more puzzling. Peacemaker seems to be in there not as a reformed villain but as a sort of new version of Rick Flagg from the previous version - ie, a government black ops agent there to keep the others in line. Peacemakes originally was not a DC character, but from Charlton, a comics company DC ended up buying and integrating its characters into the DC comics universe around the mid-Eighties.

(Around the same time, Alan Moore was asked to write a story featuring Charlton's heroes for DC, but it ended up so radical they told him to change the setting and characters and it became 'Watchmen'. The Peacemaker became The Comedian. Yeah.)

Bloodsport was two different characters, both with the same 'power': a cybernetic implant which enabled them to teleport weapons to themselves from a seemingly bottomless arsenal. The first one, who was black, pretended to be a traumatized war veteran out for revenge on the government that sent him to die on the battlefield, but it turned out he had dodged the draft and his brother had gone in his place, getting horribly maimed; Bloodsport himself ended up breaking down mentally. The second one was a white supremacist, a member of the Aryan Brotherhood and racist terrorist; they faced off in prison after Superman apprehended them both. Both ended up dead as a result. This guy seems like neither of them.

There's King Shark, but I'm not sure what they're doing with him. He's not a mutated human, he's a literal shark person.

And Starro... oh well. Starro's thing usually is mind control. We'll see.

I dunno. Seems this is going to be mostly banter.

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