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Kenji Murakami

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just dont do what i did one time... i was so ticked at my dog for eating some comics. my fav comics.. that i chased the dog around the house with a golf club.. we dont even play golf so i dont know where it came from..

but anyways... the door opened and the dog ran for it, with me right behind him.... so.. i ended up tackling my moms friend.. who was 60ish...

your a nice person kenji and very easy to get along with here. im sure you'll do fine and get along with your moms friend!! we're all rootin for ya!

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it can be odd meeting somebody for teh first time.

actually, personally I don't have theat problem. I used to, but recently i can get along with anyone.

maybe you think that you won't know what to say or do. well in this case you are ok because it's your mum who has to worry about that.

you can do what you normally do or you can sit down and listen to htem talk and say something if you are intereted.

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I have a tale of farce and woe: my continuing attemps to get an I.D. First, the closer DMV office was closed for renovation. Something it would have taken four words to say on the website, but somehow they didn't mention it. So, Mom and I had to take a trip all the way down to the other one, which wasn't even in the same city, and then when we get there, it turns out that they didn't take credit cards and neither of us had remembered to bring any cash. Then, when we get home, I end up finding out that I'm half an inch shorter than I thought I was.

I certainly hope Thursday turns out less weird, we're going to be trying for that I.D. again. :rolleyes::lol:

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