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Kamen Rider Decade - future info

Guest DekaRed

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Guest DekaRed

-The rider is red with purple accents, and has a stag beetle motif

-The rider's name is not Decade, but something else. Decade refers to both the 10 anniversary, and is a pormentau for "Data-Card-Dass."

-The rider will use a card system. In one card-deck he will use cards of past riders, (specifically those of the Hesei Era, hence it being called "Decade", to celebrate the 10th anniversary), to use their powers/transform into them. The other card deck will have item cards that are unique to him. One of these is a partner beetle mecha, which can fire on opponents. The cards are said to be in the line of the Ganbaride Data cards, though the ones corresponding to the show will have an updated look to them.

-The rider's main weapon can transform from a gun into a sword. A "day-planner" like screen is located at the hilt of the sword. This is probably a card reader.

-The series is likely to guest star, at the very least, most of the hesei-era riders. The new rider will have to fight these riders in the second half of the show, to gain their powers and abilities. While not explained thoroughly, the "Guest-Starring" should be a mix of archival footage, and actual actors returning.

This continues info on the rumor of the red, mechanical rider who uses the cards:

-Rider 09 will fight againt monsters formed from data cards. He will be mechanically-themed as well. The data cards will likely be the Gunbaride rider series cards.

-His henshin belt will have an "opening gimmick" as well as lights.

-In the left holster of the belt, his weapon is stored. The weapon can transform from a gun to a sword. At the hilt of the sword, is what looks like a Day-Planner

-CardHolders are located on the right and left sides of his belt

-In his left holder, 2 or or more cards are stored which are from the Gunbaride series. Right now, it is only said he can use hesei era rider cards, but, when activated, the cards give the rider the powers of the rider on the card.

-In his right holder, items cards are stored, which are related to the rider's original powers. These cards are used supplementarily in combat. One of these, a Stag Beetle Mecha card, summons a Stag Beetle mech, which appears to attack the enemy.

-The color of the rider is somewhat red, and somewhat purple

-Name is still tentative, but was written in katakana

-The rider's mask is similar to Garren, although the "diamond" of the mask is absent.

-Kamen Rider Decade is the upcoming Hesei Rider Series (10th work) from Toei, Tv-Asahi and Bandai

-Originally, because of the big deal the series is, with the guest starring riders from past Hesei, the series was originally supposed to start in Fall '09, with several months of break for the staff.

-This was a problem, because the staff can't have such a long break, it messes with the yearly schedule.

-There is some confusion in the rumor, but it seems to be going like this- the first half of the show is about a "Hesei Rider Card Game", where our main rider uses his cards (ala Digimon Tamers.), to fight monsters, and the like.

The Second half of the show, starting in fall, will be a celebration of the 10th Anniversary, which will pit our lead rider against the Hesei Riders in battle. When he defeats the riders, he is able to use their powers, and possibily even transform into them (maybe something along the lines of Rockman or Kirby, but with a rider twist.) It's kind of actually like Sky Rider learning to fly, but with a bigger focus on the past riders, and of course, rider battles instead of the just an ordinary team up. Essentially, should it be true, the entire last half of the show, would be dedicated to them.

-The main rider, who will use the cards, is not named Kamen Rider Decade, his name will be revealed at some point, but this explains why the title was copyrighted so early- it isn't the name of the main rider, but of the property as a whole.

-There is rumored to be a use of archived footage for some of the rider battles, which would make sense, because some actors/suits will not be easy to get in the show. (I personally heard something about the Hibiki suit not being in too good'a shape.) Of course, anything new, featuring the lead rider, or successive riders, will be new footage. And the guest stars themselves, will likely be recurring roles in the show. Those that are not, will have to be taken from the stock footage.

- The first boss may be...Kamen Rider Garren!

According to rumor, the main rider, before he achieves his powers, will have to beat Garren in the card game.

The rumor stems from the look of the main rider's suit, which is apparently close to Garren in look and motif (the new rider is rumored to be a stag beetle.)

Would definitely be cool, especially if he was not just there in suit, but as a guest star.

There's also the chance that Garren may not just be fighting the new rider, but act as his mentor.

interesting. on another site i found out that the rumoured returning riders are Kuuga, Agito, Faiz, Garren, Hibiki, Kabuto, & Kiva.

and finally this little piece on the card powers...

Rumored Card List + Effects:

Kuuga Mighty Form:

Activates a Form Change, but can also increase physical attack power

Agito Ground Form:

Activates a Form Change, but can also increase phsyical attack power


Increases fighting abilties Can also summon DragRedder.


Increases fighting abilities + gun-wielding abilities. Can possibly summon AutoVajin


Increases fighting abilities, allows the rider to use a finishing move involving thunder/lightning


Increases the rider's physical attack power so he can fight large-sized enemies

Kabuto Masked Form -> Rider Form:

A double-abilitiy card, which allows the rider's armor to harden on the defensive, and "Clock Up" on the offensive

Den-O Sword Form:

Increases fighting abilities (with Sword)

Kiva Kiva Form:

Increasing physical attack ability.

The rumor says while all the base cards are similar, when different ones are used in combination, the rider unlocks a lot of combos. Apparently, all the different rider forms may be used to that end.

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Guest DekaRed

(possible) Decade mask sketch


Shows a belt, and the helmet in two modes. I think the outer plate of the helmet is what reminded the poster of Garren- it looks like it could be see-through like Garren's diamond. While there are no actual Kuwagata-horns visible, you can definitely see the pattern of said horns in the helmet.

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Guest DekaRed


well this picture surfaced around the same time as the sketch, prob some kids render of it... but where the hell the second design came from is anyone's guess. although ya can see how the arrow opens up, so maybe a second form based on another rider he meets, with an IXA rising form style transformation.

if the rumour about garren being his teacher is true, then the first design is suposed to resemble garren... although i can see more riotrooper/den-o sword form (before the eyes split) in there.

then this second design kinda resembles chalice wild form, but again chalice is not rumoured to be one of the riders in it... very confusin, lol.

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Guest DekaRed

right, so here's our first official scan of the new rider, i know you can't really see him in this one, but you CAN see that the rumour bout the other riders joining him is true, YAY, lol


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Guest DekaRed

here is the earlier scan again, but this time it is the whole picture, and you can see all the previous 9 heisei title riders are gonna feature in it, w00t.


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You know what would be cool? If they made the series focus on all of the previous 8 riders and the new one but have the new rider as the complete main character while the others are supporting cast members.

That'd be better than just the so-called planned appearences for the series where he meets them only once or twice and that's it.

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Guest DekaRed

moar rumors:

"Kamen Rider Decade will be shown in two series. The first, starting in January, will be the first half of the show, and the second half of the show is to start in May.

The first part will show the life of Kamen Rider Decade, a sixteen-year-old boy who is obsessed with the television show Kamen Rider Kiva and the whole franchise of Kamen Rider. All the kids in town use the Kamen Rider cards to play a trading card game that has swept Japan.

The first part of the series will be about the young boy finding that Kamen Riders are real, and that he is the heir to be the new Kamen Rider and save the world from evil.

The second series is said that there might be a timeskip of a few years. The second part of the series will focus on the main character, Kamen Rider Decade (may not be Rider's name and just show), bringing back the past Riders and facing them one-on-one in battles.

The cards to the side are the supposed leaked version of the TCG that will come out with Decade and be used in the show."


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Guest DekaRed



i like it. i liked the helmet from the first pics, and now the body is pretty different from what we expect of riders, but very kool at the same time. obviously the X represents 10, and maybe it moves around for form changes? erm, and the belt is definitly old skool. reminds me a lot of black's belt.

but wat the hell is wit that gun? O_o

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:lol: Something tells me that you don't really like the design or plot concept of this Rider, do ya Ryuki?

Deka, I agree with ya on the belt. I like it. That gun though, what's it supposed to do, shoot diamond-edged cards at his opponent? I don't really like the way they did the colour scheme. I will admit thought that the helmet is pretty cool in design. It definently is original.

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Not sure if that's genuine or not. but I do remember discussing something similar when Kiva was about to come out. And for the attached picture, here's what it says:

green text at top left: Everything, will become clear on January issue.

blue text at top right: For the Masked Rider, nothing like this before, a new development has started. What can we really expect? For the details, wait for it in January!

text at bottom: Kamen Rider

what will happen!

lolz, like that did anything good.

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