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  1. well,you know what's happening with us these days TW. But you can still ask me for inspiration for ur fics,i might know something that could help.
  2. Hmm,it's quite close to my ideal,it's just some small details I'll probably want changed.I'm getting closer,i can feel it.(Though it's looks too mystical) 1.Now that i think about it,I think don't want weird face covering visor,that kind of thing is more suit for dark and dangerous designs like the Joker Undead.Cosmos isn't that kind of design.But the back of the helmet is ideal.I'll be using that. http://rjaart.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=/&offset=24#/d34fziv 2.The arm's okay,I'll probably take it.I couldn't think of anything much ether 3.I see you are using Faiz's photon blood lines as the patterns for his legs region. But worry not,it's not that far from the Tron Line patterns i have in mind. (Hmm,yeah, i should look at Captain Universe for inspiration) Now i'm gonna try some personal experiments of my own first when i'm free.
  3. It's a little something that W has taught us. Let's do a little checkup.It's needed for story reasons at the end. Who among the riders are the smarter ones? I think Cosmos is among the smart in the genius whiz sense and imaginative,thus,allowing him to use his space manipulation powers quite creatively.He should be 4th-2nd place in the smart sense. Though i think the smartest one should be Brian/Medulla.
  4. Actually,let's address this issue here. We all knew that we could not continue at some point because we had weak links,which is our riders stories aren't finished. As of this writing still,we still have all the time in the world.The Collab's story has all of the materials there now as of this date i think, i just need to sort it out.It will take quite some time.(Though i would do Cosmos,if i had inspiration.) Btw,Toku Warrior,maybe getting that picture out would give me a stronger idea how to solidify Cosmos.Just tell me once you have it ready.
  5. Hmm,i'll need a timeline to plan the events correctly. Since everything is connected so tightly now,I'll have to fix any loopholes.
  6. Hold on,there's been alot of discussion between and me Toku Warrior,and i think the time for the finalization of the Decade Collab's story is finally almost at hand!
  7. A nice suggestion Toku Warrior told me. Maybe this is what Daishocker was planning to accomplish.
  8. Another small thing that reflects over on our series is why Narutaki stopped attacking Decade directly with his summons the moment Diend came into the picture. Basically, as soon as Diend started coming after Tsukasa while he was on his journey,Narutaki had no chance of attacking Decade. And he did not want to,since,like in Faiz's world,he was stopped by Diend because of Diend being more powerful than him. Meanwhile,Narutaki went back to the lair of the Tartarus Empire to steal Damocles from Negas's vault in order to be able to have a chance at killing Tsukasa and,Kaito if he got in the way. Along the way,he had taken a peek at Negas's plans and the whole overall scheme of what was what. Which is why High Priest Daitosou could not stop Decade from defeating the Tatarus Empire's armies during his journey. One thing that is different from the series, is that both of these characters will die. Narutaki will die in an all out assault against Decade to prevent him from progressing any further during the 6-7 World.As he dies,he condemns Decade,saying that he is fated to be The Devil,the Destroyer of Worlds,no matter how he changes. (Which kind of foreshadows that Decade will be the vanguard of destruction later on.) And yes,Narutaki will have a "form" as of sorts.I joke about it being called Defect.Get it? De-Fect!
  9. The new plan i have in mind is more or less trying to adhere to the original series's in a way, but yet making sense and going it's own path in ways.(The worlds after the 9 Worlds,i have ideas how to make em and related material relevant.) To explain the Nega World. The Nega World is actually a test given by Ishinomori to Tsukasa to test his character after his journey through the 9 Worlds and that he had recovered his memories. Tsukasa was like a simply a puppet of Negas,who then was humanized after he lost his memories and stopped working for the Tatarus Empire. Now,if you had noticed,the K-Touch is simply a mechanized irrelevant upgrade device in the series. To reflect this in our series,Negas/Kamen Rider Deus mocks the K-Touch,saying that Complete Form is not his true form and is simply an external hardware upgrade he could do without anyway. To also explain the symbols of the 9 riders being on the K-Touch,Ishinomori put them there not only as a little function,but to serve as a reminder of the comrades he should be fighting alongside with. There's a lot of things to think and retheorise , so I'll be be putting it all up in a new plan soon.
  10. I wouldn't say knocked out all 9. Magnus was like Kuuga in the TV series, down but not out. And don't worry about the battle chap. I'll edit it once you have chapters 1&2 done. Actually,i i might need help editing or even rewriting ep 1 instead.(Ep 2 is all that stuff i keep theorizing,leave it to me.) Parts that need rediting or rewriting. 1.Prologue Battle Decade Vs the 9 Riders. 2.Decade's Debut and Natsumi and Tsukasa's struggle through the weird phenomenon of worldshifts. But not now,wait till we have settled down more things.We are almost there to fully resolving and simplifying mostly everything. For all we know, the ideal finalised versions of our riders may be totally different or majorly changed. Like Cosmos,i like him way better now.And I'm probably sticking to it. Bobby,what PR world would that be?
  11. Well,another change,though this is more of Decade's design sense kinda stuff. I think it sort of fits very well.If you look at the dimensional riders Decade and Diend in the series,they have digital design motifs. It would not be strange if the Ishinomori and Negas actually view The Multiverse this way. They are able to view and interact with the multiverse as data,literally on the existential level,the highest viewpoint of Transcendence,which only certain beings are able to do so as a result of being such a godly existence. Nothing to surprising if their direct creations have those traits.
  12. Another thought, since I'm on a roll today. I remember watching an anime called Speed Grapher a long time ago,which had themes similar to what OOO has now. So I'm wondering if,OOO could end like how Speed Grapher does.
  13. Right now,I'm simplifying everything in the story to make it easier on us. Tiga was right,in that aspect.But I'm not gotta be a killjoy though so don't worry. Okay,i decided to change Chapter 1 where the 9 Riders fight Decade in the prologue.(It needed to change anyway,now) To justify why Decade did not try to defeat any of the 9 Riders earlier in the battle,and had to have a long drawn out fight with them,thus getting a beating, he was specifically told by High Priest Daitosou,to let his Decadriver scan the 9 Riders during the fight for his research for his potential how the system could used. As the Decadriver took some time to scan and process each Rider's data while Decade was in the battle,Decade had not much choice,but to drag it out, since he could not afford to run more programs(aka using his cards,or activating Divine Invoke) or it would risk slowing down the the whole process. Thus, he was simply fending them off. In fact, the cards were only freshly finished disc burned after when Decade knocked out all of the 9 riders. I'll edit the Decade Vs Magus battle chap for this later as well, if we get this back up.
  14. I believe as of this date, i think that's all of the DCD material we are gonna see from Toei. I think that's all of the info i can take from. I have caught up with Chou Den-O yellow and read a summary of the manga DCD movie. With this,i think i can start the mostly final refining and simplifying of the entire collab.
  15. You guys might be wondering how i would resolve Narutaki and Kaito Daiki.I decided to resolve those two characters. I was thinking,while Negas was trying out his new bestowed powers from Ishinomori's Artifact,he had to conduct experiments to achieve his goal of creating the perfect world.He was experimenting in creating the perfect immortal living being of his dreams. Kadoya Tsukasa,Narutaki and Kaito Daiki were among the candidates. Tsukasa was the only total success. Kaito was a partial success. Narutaki was a failure. Tsukasa took up the name of Decade also because he was number 10 of Negas's experiments. Narutaki hates Decade for a great reason.He escaped from Negas's labs to avoid being disposed of as a failure and was homesick. Narutaki managed to escape,but soon,shortly,Negas assigned Decade's first real world destroying assignment and to kill Narutaki on sight. Decade then,testing out his full potential of his Divine Invoke,wrecked havoc on Narutaki's world within 7 days. Narutaki had lost his family in Decade's rampage.From that day, he swore vengeance against him. ==================== I was thinking about how Narutaki keeps appearing to Natsumi,and his anti-decade thing.So,i decided to modify him to be like this.Also based of bits of what was sensible rumors and lost in production material. Narutaki keeps approaching Natsumi is probably he knows how Natsumi is possibly the only one who can kill Tsukasa. In the end, towards the inevitable destruction Decade will cause to the Multiverse,Narutaki could give Damocles to her and give Natsumi the choice to kill Decade. As to how Narutaki would antagonize Decade during his journey,i decided to stir it up a bit. He has something like a prototype entity summoner he stole along his escape like Diend's. Though he mostly summons more Kaijin than Riders though.
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