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Ghostbusters: Afterlife


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I honestly do not know what to think about it... Other than " It doesn't feel like Ghostbusters"... Which could be good or bad for it.

I think one thing a lot of people tend to forget, is that Ghostbusters the movie is really not a kids movie at all... But it is just on the brink of being an adult horror/action, but with some comedy to lighten the mood. But I mean, the Ghost blowjob, Peter is clearly a sleazy con man trying to hit on Dana, and the best joke ever "Yes, it's true. This man has no dick." are not really family friendly.

Even Ghostbusters 2 wasn't that family friendly, and it was sillier than the first.

It goes without saying that the cartoon was for kids, despite it still being pretty scary at times.

And the all female reboot failed to pick up on this and focused purely on the comedy aspect (unbalanced comedy as well, which is the worst part of it) and failed. Yes it is true that Ramis, Aykroyd, and Murray were all comedic actors, they mostly played regular tropes and got a few lines when they could... but for the most part they kept things "real".

This is why I think the Marvel movies hit so well. They got what Ghostbusters did. Made a movie for Adults that kids could enjoy, without having to dip into completely into using children for important roles (except Iron Man 3. Ugh. I still dislike that one, though not just because of the kid) just because they want children to want to see it.

This, does not look like an adult movie.

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Unfortunately, with the current pandemic, our local cinemas are not yet fully open.  Nowadays, I had to rely on paid streaming service, or my old friend, torrents.  There are a lot of movies that I'm looking forward to watch and this is one of them.  Good to know that you weren't disappointed, makes me eager to watch it.

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Like Jerry said, it does the originals justice! Probably right under them in terms of quality, and I loved every aspect of it. The granddaughter is by far my favorite followed closely by her friend she made at school. (Names escape me).


The reasons for the time gap, the jokes, all of it, nailed the orginials feel as far as I'm concerned. 

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