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good work using my pics there... i like it :)

altho, would it be possible to make a similar one, with Teddy and New Den-O swapped, and Yuuki in the place of the faded New Den-O?

It should be possible. I was looking at the original pic and those two are always in that pose so with a little cutting and cropping.....and putting them on the other side of the screen.....it can be done. I'm also thinking of making the "Full Charge" energy a little thinner and more lined and eratic. I should have one up sometime tomorrow night or Tuesday. Is there anything you'd also like to see changed around for the new one as well?

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Alright guys. We finally have our first wallpaper for the new and upcoming "Kamen Rider DCD (Decade)" series which starts in January.

I want to thank DekaRed for providing the images that I used. The Rider symbol, which is a barcode styled symbol, was taken from one of the images he provided and I outlined and fillied it in using PS. If anyone want s the symbol for their own reasons I have a copy of it saved in PNG format so it can be used seperately.

Well, without any further explaination, here's the WP for KR DCD. Enjoy.


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