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Thanks to Ryuki for providing all of the Rider stock images used in this wallpaper. The only thing not provided is the basic background look and the Earth image (those were all done in PS). This isn't my best wallpaper but I just wanted to do a Rider collage of all the Rider worlds Decade has visited, minus the Shikenger World, W's World and G's world in the SMAP presentation.


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Henshin! FANG - JOKER

I use a quick snapshot from the opening sequence of episode 12. I chose to use the part of Philips henshin sequence where the spikes just out for the setting moment before smoothing out. I wanted it to look more fearsom in a way. Enjoy. this is also our 4th KR W wallpaper.

Now, let us count your crimes.


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Very cool Wallpaper. Could you e-mail that & the Decade one to me??? I can't download them for some reason.

Two cool wallapers could be these: 1) Kamen Rider Double in all nine forms with the Gaia Memory Symbols floating next to them. 2) The Sonozaki Family in their Dopant forms with their Gaia Memories floating above their heads.

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I can easily email it to ya. Which Decade one did ya want? I've made a few of them last time I recall.

As for those Double ideas.....they sound interesting. I can easily do ones for the forms of Double.

I'd have to make CYCLONE-JOKER, CYCLONE-METAL, CYCLONE-TRIGGER, HEAT-JOKER, HEAT-METAL, HEAT-TRIGGER, LUNA-JOKER, LUNA-METAL, LUNA-TRIGGER, FANG-METAL and FANG-TRIGGER (the last two, the FANG sets, would have to wait as only images of FANG-JOKER are slightly available.

as for the Sonozaki family, I can do seperate WP's and a group set. AS for their GM symbols and those for W, PS is my friend and so is VLC and Media Player Classic.

If I were to do a WP with all of W's current forms, I'd need images in the area of 12 forms. 10 of which I can get. I'd make the symbols personally as I like doing it that way. But it's something to plan ahead.

For now, this one was made on a whim.

Well, again, let me know which Decade WP you were wanting and then I can e-mail both WP's to ya.

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