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  1. I second the buying of this anime, it is fantastic in all aspects.
  2. Let's not forget the very long list that I'm still waiting on Blood. But art is art, keep up the good stuff bub.
  3. so basically, no one knows what it can do till its activated. Well, one person does know, but I doubt he'll tell us anything
  4. You'll survive bub. Would you really want something like that cut down and skimmed just so you could get it little earlier Patience is a virtue, we'll all just wait with eager anticipation.
  5. Word of advice bub, being a smart alec will get you in a heap of trouble, quick, I'd advise you to smarten up before you start digging yourself a deep enough hole that you can't climb out of.
  6. I should hope so, I just didn't want to come off as smart alec
  7. Traitor!! Keep on voting for Rabid, I mean really, he's the perfect fit for the Order's ranks.
  8. C'mon down, we're always looking for fresh meat, I mean members...
  9. It's definately going to be an interesting read.
  10. Aye that it is, I was born here and I'll die here being quite proud of it.
  11. Will I strongly recommend next time you say that you didn't write something of this nature rather then leading us on to believe it was your own persona opinion.
  12. Now I'm going to say this politely as I can, seeing as I do have quite a few Muslim friends, some of whom follow the Wahhabism form of Islam. First and foremost, this thread has religious overtones that could result in some serious clashing and heated debate, so I opt for it to be closed before that happens. Now on a more personal level, Will, how dare you generalize an entire religious sect! Stating that Wahhabism as a "radical teaching" and insinuating that it produces terrorists is beyond reproach. I am a third year university student at York University currently taking a class called "Introduction to the Study of Religion", we spent an entire lecture on Islamic religious movements, including the aforementioned Wahhabi movement. This radical teaching you speak of is complete and utter bias! Those within the movement do old more orthodox views of their religion but nothing that would deem it radical by any standard. I believe I have said enough, though I will say your use of Jihad is not entirely accurate, Jihad means to struggle, insofar as to live a good and moral/virtuous life. The there is a military version of Jihad but the type of Jihad you are implying goes against the very core of the Koran’s principle teachings. I do not apologize for my words, if this results in my suspension or even banning from the WG board then I will accept that, but that being said I will not stand for people misrepresenting and distorting others religious beliefs because of some geopolitical issue that has the whole world spinning on its head. Now just to be clear I am not making any comments on this particular person who is seeking political office in the United States of America, I'm speaking on the matter of misrepresenting a religious movement that began with Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, 1703-1791.
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