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  1. I guess it would only have the fusion canons and shields which the novas twins have..
  2. Frost


    Nice to hear from you man
  3. You can always buy their action figures
  4. like i said when the writers have more time on hand or feel up to it they will post the fic's, relax you cant push genius..a work of art takes time
  5. I guess the writers will start writing when they retire from their professions and have more times on their hands.
  6. maybe it is linked with the time war saga in which Jason went to defeat the guyver zoalord?
  7. lovely work, sets a new bar for upcomming new writers.
  8. If Albass activates the unit it will be end of the fic as she will easily out power Anubis.. my guess is Jarod will activate the unit as he also has prior experience and it will make for a nice fight plus lots of exchange of words etc.
  9. So how about a brief summary? what's the anime about?
  10. Happy belated birthday W'kar, so how many presents you get? Xbox 360, Ps3 life size figure of Xena?
  11. Which makes it even more deadly as it can be molded into an even greater weapon all it needs is a little imigination and knowledge.
  12. Well he could be in the process of upgrading his units by merging them and applying the mark 2 upgrade technology..though he is a smart cookie and i guess only time will tell..
  13. Well Conan the Barbarian is also a warrior bred so by Crom and Mithra he breeds i think Elimanator can breed its just that he is too obsesed with killing FWG.. maybe once he has fulfilled his mission he might consider..
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