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  1. I'll be the first to admit it has been years since I've visited this page. I'm glad i did and can't wait to start reading and/or re-reading everything again. you guys were my heroes back in the day and its nice to have you all back.
  2. that was Kaiser Dragoon charactor from the "guyver: the garthering " rpg that started here and moved to the guyver's lair. the DF might still be there and as for the art work that was done by guyverxenon.
  3. they'll most likely have a revote between the two. oooh BTW, rabid FTW! ........why do i have this funny feeling that this contest has been turned into a war between the boards......it's kind of funny really.
  4. some gif animations would be nice. I also think the site could loss the solid color backgrounds. maybe add some guyver or warriorguyver themed pic's and wall paper. you might even go as far as to make picture links. an example would be to make the picture of ALK the link the the chronos data files or maybe just his head to save space.
  5. This may not be as big a deal as you all are making it out to be. we know for a fact that the zoalords got their zoacrystals from old elf ears hims elf. so maybe all the powers they have were once powers he had himself when he had all the crystals. when sho was connected to the ship he wanted the power to stop the zoalords. at the time the ship would have only known of one zoalord which would have been old elf ears. so it makes sense that the ship would give him the power to counter his powers. in this case its size for size.
  6. teknoguyver

    art portfolio

    bloody H#$l!!! i've never seen art that good anywhere. well thats not true i have seen it on art thats sold for a few $grand$. you know..with your art and drag-5 CG skills you two would be a killer team. think of all the cool stuff you could produce.
  7. i have FF11 on my ps2 so i'm willing. but what do you mean by "Must have Final Fantasy Online + Final Fantasy Online Expansion?" witch expansion are you talking about?
  8. teknoguyver


    very nice, very nice indeed. can't wait to see what else you come out with.
  9. teknoguyver


    i just about pulled my hair out at this. if your going to do a crossover at lest get the facts right.
  10. teknoguyver


    who says that? all it needs is a little more posting form you to tell us where to go and what to do as well as tell us what the enemy looks like. as for the picture i think it looks great.
  11. *drools* damn!!! you know i bet he could kick tail in the rpg's. however nightmare could take him.....i think? nice one. please post more.
  12. i give it a 30 out of 10. please post more. i can't wait to see what else you've got.
  13. not to get off topic to much but what happened to Miskie and Tetsuro Segawa from the guyver live action in the fanfictions anyway? also matts right. names tend to get changed during the making of a live action movie. i think has something to do with wanting to make the movie different then the anime verson.
  14. happy brith day to you. happy brithday to you. you look like a mon....dory i'm drunk right now but happy birhday and my the year be filled with greatness and hope. love you all.
  15. teknoguyver

    CG guyver

    i know i'm dunk right now but still. that would make a great web comic if you want ed to make one. i think all those picks look awsome. GREAT WORK MAN. PLEASE KEEP IT UP.
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