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  1. Okay, so a lot has been happening for me. New degree leading to knew job leading to working my butt off to get in a solid position. It's coming together fairly well finally. And now I finally sit down and can look at Chronicle and lay out my plot lines and get back to writing stuff. But now I sit here with the end to Union nearly finished and find myself in a quandary. My intents with Chronicles from the start was to work a rewrite of the original fics into a more polished and enticing form. This included developing a lot more back story to a large amount of the cast and filling in a lot of
  2. Well the curve this weekend was dealing with landscapers hired to do a job on my sister's property, and the various difficulties that arise from them not knowing enough English and me not knowing enough Spanish. Nothing new written, been too busy. But tomorrow is another day, and hopefully no drama waiting to waylay me. Though now that I've mentioned that, watch it be a really big one.
  3. Financial situation stabilized, in full time class now preparing for my RN program in the fall. Getting back to the fic, still seriously not pleased with the mid story bridge I set up. So scrapping it and redoing that section. Current fic length: 9 pages 3600 words... and counting. I will update again on progress this weekend. Hopefully real life doesn't throw me another curve before then. See yas all around.
  4. Getting laid off after the initial twitch changed my plans radically. I'll get back to you soon with a status update, and maybe more than that.
  5. XT's C-medal is artificially intelligent. It doesn't have a SDM so much as the C-medal takes over when Kalen is incapacitated. His unit appears to be of extreme antiquity, but because of its artificial intelligence it's capable of altering and upgrading itself without external assistance. Something no 'standard' unit is capable of. This is why his unit, even so old as it appears to be, can remain competative with newer models, even W'kars, and why it's suggested that it is an early prototype of the advent booster armor. The Erexian race in Kalen's home universe did not help create the unit. Th
  6. In all honestly yes the hidden grotto was my idea, as was the organic living arrangements. I found out later that in the Manga it's been shown that there was a relic under the Arizona base. Ah well, a point for future resolution, but I still like the idea of Alk's refuge too much to give it up entirely. Classwork is currently kicking me around seven ways from Sunday, but I have developed an angle on the story that I am pleased with, so it can now continue to spool out as I find time to write it. I've tried the non-linear scene writing technique and while yes it does tend to get more pages wr
  7. My main focus is on keeping my writing as organic as possible. I heavily visualize the concept of the scene before I start writing it. During the writing process I engage in a sort of mental roleplay where actual characters are involved, coming up with their interactions on the fly based on my perceptions of their personality. Then it's back to reading it over, adjusting as needed to fit the intent of the scene while still trying to maintain the sense of spontaneity that I hopefully achieved in the intial writing process. I could discuss writing theory and technique for pages, I love the mech
  8. You all have been patient with me for a very long time. The least I can do is show that it's not a pipe dream, that there is actually a story in the works. One of the most disappointing things I can imagine is waiting around for weeks, months, years and then the story not living up to your expectations. I've set the bar pretty high and I don't intend to put something out that doesn't justify the wait. I am still not happy with a few angles of the fic and there is still about half of it not put into final form. It's a work in progress and until I can be proud of it I must rely on your continu
  9. Union of the Guyvers Part 3 - Preview The sharp click of armored boots on the metal deck plates echoed through the empty corridor. Imakarum Mirabalis passed through the base with a steady, purposeful stride. It was good to be in possession of himself again. After his previous defeat at the hands of Gigantic Dark his healing had been protracted and painful. He felt his face darken with anger at the memory of his humiliation, his pace increasing. The Supreme Zoalord continued deeper into the bowels of the Arizona base his cloak following him like a storm cloud as his mind flicked out towards
  10. Not to mention the lack (on my part anyway) of a decent voice to do an audio book with. Believe me, you'd be wanting to put a gun to your head (or mine) by the second fic.
  11. For my part, I'm a perfectionist about my stuff. I have written three seperate scenarios for the next part of Chronicles and not been pleased with any of them. Number 4 is looking better, but I get caught in the trap of 'is anyone going to be able to relate to what I'm writing?' and that gives me pause and makes me re-evaluate my work a lot. So yeah, 2 years in the making is a long time for a piece of fan fic I know, but it's part of my process in the midst of work, school and other activities. It's coming guys, it's just taking me a while to get it how I want it with what time I can give it.
  12. For my Birthday a friend got me Volumes 1-3 of the new Guyver anime. The coolness factor of this particular birthday has taken a major jump.
  13. Dready may have allowed it. He's a nice sort of guy after all. That wouldn't have altered the outcome tho. Let's just say it wasn't a random defense reaction on part of the matrix. As for Xt's whereabouts, he's a little out of commission for the moment. Between nasty battles, power drains, rather large explosions and various other abuses of his person he's feeling a little strained.
  14. *sneaks in with a poster board and easle, sets it up in the post... sneaks back out* Chronicles Part 3 - 60% and climbing. ETA - Soon (If all goes according to plan this time)
  15. Saw it. Loved it. Waiting for DVD to buy it.
  16. Hornet actually. And no, not a guyver. I've always been interested in insects, though this is the first really good drawing of an anthromorphic variety.
  17. Guess that's where this came from. I'm sorry! I will get back to writing fic! *runs and hides*
  18. *snicker* Oh man, stop giving me evil ideas like that. But you are correct about the countdown and what it entails. Hmmmm, ending Union right at the 00.00.00... why didn't I think of that.
  19. You are correct Zeo, in that Ceres is not 'A smooth ball' in the same fashion as our moon. However, my point is that just being spherical does not neccesitate being the size of our moon. I would agree if visually it is rendered to look a lot like our moon that chances are it is a very massive object. this does not however require it be the size of our moon. My reference to Ceres was to show only the theoretical minimum mass neccesary to form a spherical object. If we are intent on a lunar surfaced object, I submit Dion a moon of Saturn. Dion is significantly smaller then our moon, yet share
  20. That is correct Zeo, however just being spherical does not mean it has to be near the size of our own moon. 1 Ceres is spherical, and relatively speaking, if the moon is an orange, it is the size of a cherry. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1_Ceres It is large enough to be pressed into a sphere, and is currently considered to be just over the smallest mass that can do so.
  21. Merry Christmas! We're so pleased at the interest you've shown in our not-for-profit little endeavour. I'm sorry that we don't have the funds to provide you with a real challenge, such as hiring a professional security firm to monitor our site and track you down with a much better written lil Christmas lawsuit. I regret that federal and state legislature is not yet adequate for a pair of professionally wrapped christmas handcuffs to also be delivered. Give us time. I'm personally very pleased that we provide such entertainment for you, because you obviously have so little pride in your life
  22. Zeo is correct, we haven't shown the guyvers as being any more powerful then they were before. But we are doing a better job of showing exactly what they can do. So far as Dreadnought and our other future power-houses, we have our eyes on them, and one of my goals is a little 'play-balancing'. Can't give details and as a general rule, I'm probably not going to alter their power levels, but probably try to give them more draw-backs in one way or another.
  23. You know what the usual answer is to these type of questions. Wait for it... wait for it.... No Comment
  24. That's a very insightful point. The flip side is that we're rebuilding the foundation of the fics from a standpoint that will provide a much stronger grounding for the future stories. 'Sides, as long as I get positive reinforcement that the experience is enjoyable, I'll prolly keep churning these things out for years. There will be an end at some point. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we don't intend for it to be any time soon. But looking at it honestly, if my writing abilities lead me to something that will pay my bills and put food on my table, I may eventually have to bow
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