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    Zoalords and Zoanoids, they rule! as well as anime in general, lol. I love reading and writing and hope to be an author one day.
  1. i love the fan fiction on this site but it is a lot to read at any given time. ever thought about doing audio adaptions of the fan fiction like say an audio book i would like to able to listen to your fan fictions when i am at work. as i say just an idea i thought it might be intresting
  2. hi i have seen the warrior guyver for years love the fan art and fan fiction i have loved the guyver since the film mutronics and have loved the guyver series in all forms for years. thanks for putting up a forum i can learn all sorts of new information i did not know bfore thank you. you guys inspired me to do a fan audio commentary for the guyver dark hero film which can be found at : http://www.archive.org/details/GuyverDa ... entary_445 if you want to listen to it i hope you enjoy it thanks for the inspiration the denim cowboy
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