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  1. Oh hell naw, haha. I got these guys not too long ago and just kind of need to offload them ASAP... Also wow, $900? I'm only a little crazy
  2. I'm trying to off-load the lot as a set if I can at all help it. I'll break 'em up if I they're not moving, but I'm gonna need a bit to price them individually, since I kinda suck with values. >_<
  3. Hello all! So I'm new here but it's awesome to see communities like this spring up around the Guyver, and everyone around here seems really great. Topic is real talk, I've got some moving coming up and losing space as well as needing to make some money, so I'm needing to sell my small collection of Max Factory BFC Guyver figures. The ones I've got are • Guyver I (Standard, not alternate head) • Guyver II • Guyver III (Black Blade variant) • Aptom IV (sad times) They're all complete, in excellent condition and the boxes are all intact, though Aptom's has some yellowing f
  4. Oh lord where do I start with this, haha. I like a lot of different genres, but I spend most of my time playing open world games like Sunset Overdrive and Red Dead Redemption and fighting games. I was heavy into JRPGs as a younger man, but I also had more time to devote to them back then. Favorite games are Killer Instinct, Final Fantasy VI and my absolute favorite is Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner.
  5. It's usually dependent on the genre of game I'm playing. Something like Skyrim or sandbox game, I can lose hours in for days. Same goes for what I primarily play, fighting games. I spend a lot of time on the grind either getting better or looking for stuff. Though technically, I play 80 hours a week at least since I work in the industry, haha.
  6. Can't remember the year anymore, but I was in 7th grade and at a sleep over when my friend decided he wanted to show us some of these Japanese cartoons they called "Anime". Unfortunately, the Blockbuster in our neighborhood only had Tape 3 of the OVAs (Death of the Guyver) so that was my first exposure to it. I remember it being brutal and awesome with the action and gore. Also, the way Sho yells "GUUYYYVEERRRRR!!!" when he transforms right before his fight with Enzyme always stuck with me as being amazing. Not sure why, haha.
  7. SD look aside, I really hope this is a sign of some renewed interest in the Guyver.
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