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  1. That has DERP written all over it. Also:
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QXjycEihjc Don't ask. :/
  3. Damn, that's gotta be embarrassing.
  4. Late at night? Probably ISP. I get that on my laptop on Sunday nights.
  5. I was just worried about stretching the picture, cause I've got a fairly unusual 1366x768 res. Widescreen, too. Anyway. I'll try it out. EDIT: Didn't work out so well on stretch, so I sent it to fit, but now it looks just as ugly. At least it isn't as pixelated. And as you can see I'm back to watching Digimon (again, silly me.)
  6. Well, I decided to upgrade to Windows 7, so now I have this up: Anyone else have any good places to find Windows 7 themes/wallpapers? 'Cause I don't want to use the ones I have right now; they'll look a little odd.
  7. Well said... I've already recognized some half-truths in my own church and in Christianity in general and it drives me straight up the wall. Which is why denominations exist. Unfortunately, I think it'll be a long while before any of us ever agree on what's actually according to God. And it's education that changes our views. A North Korean woman firmly believed in the teachings of her government just because she was kept completely in the dark about the rest of the world. Of course, with all the hunger and power outages she came to realize this was probably wrong, and was eventually convinced to escape N. Korea and defected through China into S. Korea. She's even featured in a novel about this. So it's not even a victor that matters; that will only matter after a war. But education is what makes the difference. We were taught the Nazis were evil and twisted and madmen. In Nazi Germany the opposite was true.
  8. I believe the "Save to Controller" part exists only for transferring Miis around to a different Wii. Plus, I'm pretty sure that when you save a game for the first time it registers blocks in the Wii's own hard drive. But it isn't much; it's only around 1.5 GB.
  9. Failbook stalkers. I know a couple.
  10. Ohfail. I clicked on "Home" on Facebook and then Firefox said "Firefox could not find www.facebook.com." Anyway. Look up "Joshua Lo." ... I should probably change my DP soon.
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