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  1. And I thought it'd be cool for Pokémon fans to see Ash's Turtwig evolving into Grotle, which I knew would happen. In fact, I think he'll evolve again since the eighth Gym Leader specializes in Electric-Types and Torterra is part Ground-Type making him immune to Electric attacks. I was bored when I made this. That's my cat.
  2. I have no control over how long these videos I find are.
  3. A lot of his foes are based on creatures. Hedora was based on amphibians.
  4. "vs. Megaguirus" was just on this evening.
  5. Cool. I hope to get some Godzilla DVDs for Christmas. My favorites are Final Wars, Son Of Godzilla & Godzilla vs. Megaguirus. Though "Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla" is also my favorite because of Hideki "Godzilla" Matsui. VIVA LOS YANKEES!!!!!!!!!
  6. Where'd you find these???
  7. OH YEAH!!! I'm a lifelong New York Yankees fan and so I flipped when I saw him. I even text my dad about it when I saw it last May.
  8. An athlete who'd eventually become a member of my all-time favorite baseball team appeared in a Godzilla movie.
  9. Update. I now have some of the images I have sought. Kabuto Masked Form, Ibuki, the Disc Animals, Hibiki Crimson & Armed, Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros, the remaining Advent Beasts, Kamen Rider Gills & Exceed Gills, Kuuga Growing Form, Kuuga Amazing Mighty Form, Kuuga Ultimate Form, the main Kuuga Villain, and G3.
  10. One thing that IS predictable is that at least one of the guys will be in drag.
  11. He's a Link with hypnotic abilities. And the dude beating him up was in "Final Destination 2".
  12. At least it's not a sports based team. I am currently working on one.
  13. My searches are to no avail. Can't find the images I seek.
  14. Here are some more images I have. Kamen Rider Saga Kiva's Belt ZeroLiner Trains Kamen Rider Kuuga Symbol Kamen Rider Agito Storm Form DenLiner Den-O Trains
  15. I FOUND THE KUUGA SYMBOL BY ACCIDENT!!!!!!!!! http://www.geocities.com/library_rider/rider-music.htm
  16. I also got Raia's Advent Beast: Sorry for the multi-posting. Here are some Orphenochs.
  17. I forgot one other Contract Monster I have. Scissors' monster.
  18. I've tried like a dozen times or more and can't seem to find any pictures of Kuuga that I seek. Likewise with the symbols.
  19. I started working on a Kamen Rider banner last night but it's missing ONE image to complete it. IXA Save Mode. The reason is because I'm doing a Kurenai Family Banner. I have Maya in her true form and Kiva in Emperor Form.
  20. With those Riders, I just need the Contract Monsters of the other ten Ryuki Riders. Likewise with Wing Knight & Dragon Knight's monsters with Survive Mode Power. Here's who I have. The other Rider Symbols, not the Ryuki ones, are essential for my Passing The Torch Banners.
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