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  1. Let's hope he becomes a friend to our hero like the secondary Riders before him have.
  2. It's kind of obvious if you've seen enough Ryuki episodes and know how to watch things closely.
  3. GaoWhite had a lot of pink on her. Likewise with her zord. Previous Pink Rangers were White Swan, had some pink on her, Five Pink, Pink Turbo, Pink Mask, Flash Pink, Change Phoenix, Pink Five, DynaPink, Goggle Pink, DenjiPink, Miss America, Heart Queen & Momo Ranger.
  4. First Pink Ranger since Boukenger/Operation Overdrive!!! THREE YEARS!!!!
  5. I realized that there are more Rider images I know I'll have a difficult time finding. The Steel Trilobite Card, Magnet Buffalo Card, gold versions included for King Form, Time Scarab Card, Rock Tortoise Card, Scope Bat Card, Evolution Giraffa Card, Reflect Moth Card, Recover Camel Card, Shuffle Centipede Card, Absorb Orchid Card, Dark Version of Change Spider Card where the Club symbol is purple, Gel Jellyfish Card, Fusion Elephant Card, Absorb Tiger Card, Evolution Tarantula Card, Black & Albino Joker Cards, the three Change Keroberos Cards, and the three Mighty attack Cards of Kamen Rider Blade. The weapons of the following Dragon Knight Riders: Strike, Sting, Wrath, Thrust, Onyx, Siren, Camo, Spear, Axe, Torque & Incisor. And most of the survive weapons of Dragon Knight & Wing Knight like the Survive Forms of their Advent Beasts. More to come as I remember them.
  6. I liked it. I even liked the cartoon series that followed it. They had their own version of MechaGodzilla!!!!!
  7. Anyone got a clip of that whooshing sound that's heard when there's a Mirror Creature near??? It sounds pretty cool. And a picture of the back of the Advent Cards?
  8. Which Undead is Blade fighting in that mini pic???
  9. I have a Godzilla ringtone on my cell. It's the opening for the American one. Assigned it to my baby sister.
  10. Jeff Dunham, Guitar Guy & Bubba J sing "Roadkill Christmas". Jeff Dunham, Guitar Guy & Achmed The Dead Terrorist sing "Jingle Bombs".
  11. Figured these would be good to post what with what's next week.
  12. Yuusuke's Rider Belt dissolved into sand after he killed Daguba.
  13. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was A LOT better than the original pilot. I don't blame Kit for acting the way he did upon arriving on Ventara. He just got his powers and has no clue how to use them yet. Once he merges with the Red Dragon, he'll know and start kicking ass. Maya is really cute. Can't believe they're using the Gelnewts as foot soldiers though. How the Rider Belt appears & the transformation is a WHOLE LOT better than on Ryuki.
  14. My parents recorded it for me since I was at work, which was a lot better, today. Gonna get the tape shortly so I can watch it with Kitty in my room.
  15. I have specifics which I typed up and printed. They just have to hit "record" manually a few minutes before it starts and let it record until after 12:00 to record Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's.
  16. Never mind. Ka-san got the dates mixed up. I WILL be able to record Dragon Knight tomorrow. I'll have to remind my folks to manually do it since I won't get enough time between 8 & 9:30 to text them.
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