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  1. I decided to go with these pictures of Onyx & Siren that I found. I'm gonna get my dad to help me with the backgrounds. Though I still need pictures of the Contract Monsters for Strike, Wrath, Onyx, Sting, Siren, Thrust, Axe, Camo, and Spear.
  2. Thought I'd mention that I have a killer Kiva themed banner in the works. Zodiac Fangire. I've noticed that several Fangire are animals from both the Sun, which we all know & love, & Chinese Zodiacs. Rook is Leo The Lion. Shark is Pisces The Fish. Warthog is the Pig. Horse is the Horse. Sheep is the Sheep. And Crab is Cancer The Crab. So if we get more Fangire like a Bull, Ox, Dog, Monkey, Snake, Tiger, Ram, Goat, Scorpion, Rooster, etc., then I'll put them in.
  3. I see him as a real douchebag. Back to topic.
  4. I forgot to add the Symbol Of Kuuga. These things are essential to my banners. I have a ton planned for Passing The Torch themed banners like these: Passing The Torch: Kaixa To Garren Passing The Torch: Wing Knight To Kaixa
  5. I want images that don't the feel of a screen capture. The Rider pics have to be from head to toe. This is the Kamen Rider Section for my photo album. I use these images for banner polls at my primary forum Powers United As One.
  6. Is there one that includes the seven with Franky??? He's the Shipwright & newest member of the crew the last I checked. He's also a cyborg.
  7. Cool. I'm still having a hard time finding what I seek. To remind you guys, here are what I am searching for. Kamen Rider Kabuto Masked Form Kamen Rider Ibuki Kamen Rider Hibiki Kurenai Kamen Rider Hibiki Soukou The Hibiki Disk Animals Kamen Rider Kuuga, His Forms & Symbol Monsters Of Kuuga Monsters Of Agito Train Tracks...These are essential for my Den-O Banners what with the whole time traveling trains. Kamen Rider Femme/Siren Femme/Siren's Personal Monster Kamen Rider Ryuga/Onyx Ryuga/Onyx's Personal Monster The Personal Monsters of the other Ryuki Riders except for Ryuki, Knight & Zolda. The six Imagins that allow Den-O & Zeronos to access their various modes. Symbol Of Agito Symbol Of Hibiki Arsenal of all of the Riders but Faiz, Delta & Kaixa Kiva's Garulu Saber, Basshaa Magnum, Dogga Hammer & them with the Tatsulot Brace
  8. Him doing his Rider Kick. Walking towards the Horse Fangire. At Blaster Point of the Frog Fangire. And saving Megumi from the Octopus Fangire.
  9. Thanks. Here's a pic of Kiva as he stopped the shots Megumi fired at him.
  10. I got a great picture of Kabuto Hyper Form!!!!!!! It was part of an article so I deleted the background. Now I just need Masked Form. And I forgot to add the Zecters of Kabuto. Including the Hyper Zecter.
  11. Any Wallpapers featuring all of the Straw Hat Pirates???
  12. These are essential. I sent out a message to the members of my Kamen Rider forum that if anybody can get some of the images I seek, I'd promote them. And this was sent after a message to my Power Rangers forum, Rangers United, that asking to be promoted is wrong. Especially if one hasn't done anything to deserve it. It's earned and not given out like free candy. I had also including what two members did to get their titles. Thanks. Which one do you like best???
  13. Here's the picture of Den-O Liner Form I am using. Just remembered I don't have pics of Kamen Rider Femme/Siren & Ryuga/Onyx. They will be essential for future Dragon Knight banners. Namely Battle ones. Here are some new banners I worked on. Kamen Rider Chalice vs. Plant Undead theme. I did a semi-black to dark red fade and twisted & mosaic tiled. White Spider-Man font. The card indicates the attack used to defeat the monster. Passing The Torch: Faiz To Blade theme. I did a dark red to dark blue fade, mosaic tiled & applied glowing lines. Orange & red Transformers font. Kamen Rider Leangle vs. Mole Undead theme. I did a dark green to purple fade and mosaic tiled it. Red Spider-Man font with an outer glow. The cards indicate the attack used to defeat the monster. Kamen Rider IXA Rising Form vs. Cicada Fangire theme. I did a dark blue background, mosaic tiled & stained glassed it. Gold Halloween font. I put the symbol of IXA to be a staple for banners with this guy from now on.
  14. I thought the adult Hana was cute.
  15. I'll have a new video of my dog snoring online soon.
  16. Thanks. I got the avatar while looking for Linear Form. Arigato. I can't seem to find Kuuga in any of his forms, Kabuto in Masked & Hyper Forms, symbol of Agito, Hibiki & Kuuga, and Ibuki. The symbols in the Patriotic Banner are common in banners featuring Gatack, Den-O & Kiva. The Diamond is in Garren banners like the Club, Heart & Spade in Leangle, Chalice & Blade banners. My father is a Photoshop Master. When I work on a banner, I show it to him for approval and finalization. He even deletes the backgrounds of difficult pictures like the one of Garren, Gatack Rider Form, Sasword Rider Form, Shark Fangire, Lion Fangire, Blade in all of his forms, and others. Sasaword vs. Sepulturaworm theme. Garulu vs. Rook theme. Kiva Emperor Form vs. Shark Fangire theme. Forms Of Blade theme. Should have included the cards the forms are named after. My Favorite Riders theme.
  17. The website doesn't have a great picture of Liner Form without those things on it. I don't prefer screen captures from video clips because they don't have a good feel. Found this site but it doesn't have Liner Form: http://th.wikipedia.org/wiki/มา...;โอ I think this Liner Form image I just found should do. What do you think: http://img117.imageshack.us/img117/1025/d5dx2.jpg I can't seem to find Kabuto in Hyper & Masked Forms. By chance, I found Rider Form. Need those two for some banners. Likewise with pictures of Urataros, Kintaros, Ryutaros, Sieg & Deneb. Those guys are needed for MANY Den-O themed banners. What do you think of the banners above???
  18. Those look more like toys. Here are some samples of Banners I've made using what I have so far. Patriotic Riders. This is going up for next week only. Garren vs. Bat Undead. I faded the card to 50% to show what attack was used. Kiva Dogga Form vs. Chameleon Fangire. Faded the Chameleon to 50% to indicate his invisibility. This is my personal favorite. Kabuto & Drake vs. TheBee. This was inspired by the coolest double team in Rider history. Advent Decks Riders Of Faiz Triple Rider Kick. Faded the Z to 50% to imply where this took place.
  19. I just remembered that I don't have a pic of Den-O in Liner form. I have him the other forms from Plat Form to Wing & Climax Forms. For Den-O, these & Sword Form are what I all ready got.
  20. Here I will post names of images I am having a very hard time finding. And they can't be episode screen captures. They have to be like these images of Blade Ace Form, Agito Ground Form, Faiz, Den-O Sword Form, Kiva & Kabuto Rider Form that I have attached here. Here's a small list. Kamen Rider Kabuto Masked Form Kamen Rider Kabuto Hyper Form Kamen Rider Ibuki Kamen Rider Hibiki Kurenai Kamen Rider Hibiki Soukou The Disk Animals Kamen Rider Kuuga & His Forms Train Tracks...These are essential for my Den-O Banners what with the whole time traveling trains.
  21. Arigato. There ought to be a banner featuring the Climax Deka Imagins. Negataros, Clown & Pink Rabbit.
  22. I got every episode posted/linked at my Power Rangers forum.
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