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X-Men - First Class

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remember your spoilers please.

durendal already answered your question and was careful enough to not spoil it for any one who has not seen the film yet.

I honestly don't see the need to be arguing about who has how many claws in their hands, the question was if a particular x-man was in the film and durendal answered it already.

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Of the Wolverine-type mutants:

- Logan has three extendable claws, basically between his knuckles.


- X-23 has two claws on her hands, like Logan's but missing the middle one, while she also has one claw on each foot.


- Daken has two claws like X-23, plus one under his wrist (well, he used to have).


- The only Wolverine-type with four claws was Sabretooth in the Ultimate Universe.


Mainstream universe Sabertooth has no extendable claws, although on two separate occasions he, like Wolverine, had his skeleton laced with adamantium, which somehow also made his clawlike fingernails metallic. Ultimate Wolverine had three claws per arm, and so does Jim Hudson, his son from 'Ultimate X'.


Those extendable claws are a nightmare to me. How do they fit inside the forearm (they are typically depicted as too long to fit)? How do they slide past the carpal bones, if those are also adamantium? Exactly how do they slide, anyway? It can't just be muscle action...

They suck, really.


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Wolverine's main mutation is his healing factor. It's also the reason why he can't remember anything about his past because it erased his painful memories. It also makes him immortal. The claws, which are really made of bone, are also part of his mutation. The Adamantium made them stronger & deadlier.

We've gone off topic now since we're talking about "First Class" and Wolverine only made a cameo.

What other X-Men would you guys want to see in the sequel???

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What other X-Men would you guys want to see in the sequel???

They've already used the most famous ones...

The original team consisted of Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman and Angel, all of which have had their appearances in the movies.

The new team was made up of Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler (I still prefer Harlequin), Thunderbird, Sunfire, Banshee and Wolverine.

Few people who aren't X-fans know Thunderbird and that is because he was killed off almost immediately. This has happened several times with other characters named Thunderbird. I think it is a cynical joke.

Sunfire was a member for even less time than Thunderbird; he is not a team player.

Which probably explains why they have yet to receive movie counterparts.

Anyway, the team has had loads and loads of members since, including Emma Frost (former villainness but since reformed and current main squeeze of Cyclops), Siryn (Daughter of Banshee with the same power), Cannonball, Xorn, Beak -

Well, anyway, check it.


And that's just the X-men. There's also X-Factor, X-Force, the New Mutants, Excalibur, the Young X-Men (for about 10 minutes), the Morlocks, the people from District X, Genosha, Cadre K (Who were mutant refugees from the Skrull nation)...

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Syren appeared in the second movie. She was the little girl who unleashed that power scream.

I've mentioned Beak before. He's Angel's husband & the father of her children. The chicken characteristics they were hatched with came from him.

A tidbit about Thunderbird is that he had a kid brother. The X-Force member Warpath.

How about Forge, Dazzler, Cannonball, Magma, Marrow, Husk (one of Cannonball's sisters), Chamber or Skin to appear???

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  • 2 weeks later...

I went to see this today.

I don't feel this movie can be compared to the other x-men films.

as far as I'm concerned, those movies are trash. this was a really good movie.

it helps that it was directed by the same guy who did stardust!

I really enjoyed it, the casting was brilliant, especially for banshee, i really liked that guy. the way i think of banshee, that guy WAS banshee. brilliant.

erik was so impressive. I loved to see how he approached situations. that actor did a brilliant job as well.

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Erik was so impressive. I loved to see how he approached situations. that actor did a brilliant job as well.

His German also didn't sound labored at all, like Kevin Bacon's heroic struggle.

"Mein Eltern hätten keine Namen. Die werden Sie abgenommen... von Schweinebauer... und Schneider." And he shows his arm. With the number.

Can't go wrong with hunting Nazis.

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wow, you know what?

this film really was so good, it has had a profound effect.

It has relit the fire inside me that I once had for x-men. I am thinking back to the few comics i used to be able to afford.

I had some comics from the onslaught saga back in the 90s. thinking back and remembering how much i loved teh xmen back then. I had totally forgotten that feeling.

I'm thinking of reading some x-men comics now.

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I don't know, I always thought apocalypse was very impressive. also, mr sinister seemed to have a good story going on with cyclops.

I like the proper rogue, who could fly and was insanely strong.

for some reason I liked x-man, but i think he was from another dimension or something.

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Apocalypse AND Sinister in the same movie would be interesting.

Originally separate, they were sort retconned into being mentor and student.

Apocalypse, as you may know, is the 5000-year-old meta-mutant (his natural mutation is that his body is sort of malleable, it is super-strong and he regenerates, but it was altered by Celestial technology so now he is ageless, is practically unkillable and can alter his body into any configuration he wants - changing size, mass, proportions and functions) who believes in a rather brutal version of 'survival of the fittest'. In nature it is simply competition for the same resources, but he feels that everybody should fight each other all the time so that only the most powerful thrive at all times.

Mr.Sinister is one of his projects - every now and then, Apocalypse will 'adopt' individuals that interest him, to challenge himself and to further his plans, sometimes acting as his lieutenants (Another such person is Exodus, for instance). He husbanded dr. Nathan Essex sometime during the nineteenth century. Eventually Mr.Sinister (his original name and looks very much a Dork Age product) went his own way; he seems more interested in studying mutant genetics and breeding specific powersets. He was particularly interested in the Summers bloodline. He is not unlike the High Evolutionary, except the latter is essentially benevolent.

Facing those two, ostensibly working together but with ultimately incompatible world views, yet both hostile to the X-Men, would be interesting and quite a challenge.


X-Man, Nathan Summers, indeed is from an alternate timeline, namely the "Age of Apocalypse". When David Haller, professor Xavier's son, used one of his myriad power sets to travel back in time to eliminate Magneto - whom he saw as the cause of too much evil to live - he accidentally killed his father instead. Because of this, a new timeline was created in which it was Magneto, not Charles Xavier, who led the X-Men. But ironically, in this world, Magneto was a much less violent man. As a result of the changes, Apocalypse arose and took control of the American continents, killing or enslaving all non-mutants. Humanity organized opposition from Europe, sending armies of Sentinel war robots, and things were looking bleak for everybody basically.

Anyway, in that timeline there was of course also a Mr.Sinister and he was still experimenting with the Summers bloodline, recognizing the potential for immense power. The product of his experiments was X-Man, the equivalent to Cable from the mainstream universe and like him possessing immensely powerful psionic abilities, but unlike him is not infected with the techno-organic virus which takes almost all Cable's power to restrain.

When that timeline was eliminated, four people escaped it using the transcendental M'Kraan Crystal: Dark Beast, that world's Hank McCoy, who, ending up in the past, apparently was responsible for the mutation of many of the Morlocks; the Sugar Man, a particularly nasty and hideous mutant who also was shunted to the past, and, similarly to the Beast, was responsible for much of the horror on the island Genosha; Holocaust, Apocalypse's son, who drew a trail of carnage across the Marvel Universe until he was killed by the evil Hyperion; and Nathan Summers.

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hmm, yeah i remember reading some of those.

it's funny, I didn't recall buying a lot of x-men comics, but just now as I thought about it it's like a hole in my memory opened up and i now remember a big stack of x-men comics that I used to own.

I was looking through some pictures earlier and i recognised a lot of them. this actually confused me because i never remembered reading them or having access to them. but evidently I did. very odd.

I think i owned a whole bunch from around the age of apocalypse, through the beginnings of the onslaught thing.. but i never actually saw onslaught. I remember vividly the issue where wolverine, psylocke, storm, cyclops and beast, were kidnapped by a guy called Post. I also vividly remember a story where iceman and.. somebody went to visit his parents and there was a big deal about his father being a bigot.

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