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Crimson's Revived Art

The Crimson Guyver

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I have returned as my interest in the guyver and other art has come back to me in full force. And my art skill has increased if I do say so myself.

I've redesigned my guyver once again as well.


A friend's Guyver I have known for a while redesigned!


Another friend's guyver very very fun to design.


And now some other guyver related art I've sketched up while I was gone (not that much)


Right after I redesigned Crimson I put him in a random scene against an unknown Zoalord- name him if you'd like!


Before I redesigned Crimson and Haunt I threw together a versus like screen for a fighting game XD

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your colouring skills has definitely improved a LOT.

also your detail work is excellent.

figure drawing still needs work though.

I would imagine you've concentrated mostly on your details and colouring.

not that it makes it look bad, it is a very nice work.

very impressive dude :)

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Yeah the only thing that seems to baffle the left side of my brain is the leg stance for my guyvers. Plus the posse Haunting (blown in half guyver) was in was new to me so is head seems a little small but compared to Crimson it might seem that way. Crimson is 6'7" Haunting is only 6'1"

Also if you look in the background you might notice a certain landmark that is very notorious in the Manga.

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Yeppers, been writing up a story for the 3 of them. In this universe instead of Sho, Agito, Lisker/Risker, Valcuria getting the 3 units. It is 3 other people who acquire them.

Crimson (2nd Unit found)- Eric Matthews - Soldier in the US Army and accidentally found the unit in an ancient structure his regiment was stationed to watch. He is selfish, Dark, and fights Kronos just for the fact they produce zoanoids for him to slaughter. He kills for the thrill pretty much.

Haunting (1st Unit found)- Vance - Some what like Sho Fukamachi. He was essentially a modern day drifter (men who travel on trains because they have no home.) He decided to rummage through some of the train's cars and found an expensive looking car (disguised as a Pharmaceutical company.) He broke in only to find a strange briefcase with the unit.

Cryptic (3rd Unit found)- Xiona ???? - She is most like Agito but doesn't have the money or the ambitions of world domination. She just fights Kronos for her own reasons but she also is fighting for humanity so she has allied herself with Vance.

This picture is pretty much a 2 page spread of a comic/manga I want to start working on. The comic starts with them planning their assault on the Arizona Base but because they have no allies who have access or the means to get in they pretty much decide to do a full assault on the base. An argument breaks out between Eric and Vance about what they are fighting for and what that means to them. Ends up what Vance and Xiona are planning to do is against what Eric wants and he doesn't like it one bit. So he surprise attacks the both of them. With his military training (Hes been in over 4 tours of duty and knows many fighting styles) he has the upper hand on both of them and kicks the crap out of them from what you see. But Xiona gets the upper hand and knees Eric's control metal. It doesn't destroy his unit but it temporarily disables it but she also takes the opportunity to rip it out of his head. In this story they have yet to see the control metal regenerate the user so Xiona just dumps the control metal in the sand.

The damage done in the fight pretty much delays their attack and they retreat. Kronos operatives find Crimson's control metal and secure it in the base. We all know what happens with a perfect control metal after it was ripped out of a guyver. Crimson regenerates and does a damn good amount of damage in the base but is overwhelmed by amount of enemies and gets his ass kicked by some lost numbers and hyper zoanoids. It just so happens though that Haunting and Cryptic attack and distract Kronos long enough for Crimson to escape yet again. But Crimson finds his way down the base and finds the advent relic. I have yet to figure out how he acquires the navigation metal but he does and unlocks the gigantic power for himself. It would be neat if I could flesh out the entire story if I could.

Since I haven't read all the volumes and I want to get the "lore/canon" right for the story.

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Thanks I've been using some references of the CMs when they're colored and doing my best to match them by splattering the colors onto them and smudging the hell out of it. Oh I just finished another piece of my Guyver again. I've recently have gotten a shot of Guyver in my veins that seems for the time being, to be permanent. And I'm LOVIN IT. If you guys have any... Original Characters (your own guyvers, zoanoids, zoalords) of your own and you have some form of reference drawing of description of them I can try my best at them.


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Crimson, I must say that your work has vastly improved over the past 5 years. So much more than it was. You proportions are getting much better and your concept of detail and color are generally amazing!

I've only focused on detail and character layout but my coloring still needs work. If anything, I've never been able to get that CM coloring trick to work no matter how many times I've tried.

Keep up this amazing work my friend!

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Thanks, I've been doodling the guyver design over and over and over again in a small sketchbook I have with me at all times. I'm just glad they are starting to look like the real thing. Oh and on another bit of news I've started to work on my Guyver comic. That for the time being I'm naming "The Guyver Parallel Dimension" If there is a better name in the future I'll go for it. Anyways here is the first page. (Creators' ship wasn't left in Japan in Mt.Minikami but in Northern Canada out in the middle of no where. So hosts and circumstances have entirely changed)


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i've been enjoying your crimson guyver comoic that you submitted to zeus thunderbolt on DA.

I was going to comment on those piceds on DA but i chose to come here and tell you my thoughts about what i thought when i ws reading them.

I enjoyed reading them. :)

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