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Nobody knows what it's like to be the bad man...


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Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy.
I don't know ironman or doctor doom, but, I think it would be cool if somebody tried to be his friend and help him not to be lonely and maybe he will change?
On the other hand I know that you should never try to change a man, it's like a cardinal sin...
I think life is so difficult for men sometimes because it seems so isolating to be an island all the time.


oh... but tony isn't an island is he? in this strip, he has people around him... damn it.. just when I thought I understand men...

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Comparing Iron Man to Doctor Doom is a common trope, especially lately. It used to be Reed Richards, like how basically the only thing that saved him from being like Doctor Doom was his family. But since Civil War, it's sort of a given that he really likes to control people. And that he has problems with opening up to other people.

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