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We recieve guests on this board all the time! Constantly throughout the day 24/7 perhaps. I'm tired of seeing guests, I want members!

People, start talking on the board! Guests, sign up for an account and start posting opinions, ask your questions, let's get WG.com back on top again!

My email is always open! grostilzirelman@hotmail.com, as is my MSN and AIM accounts.

Tell your friends, and anyone who likes the Guyver series, we're coming back!

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I think we should burn yahoobot.. with a hammer.

Unless it's a goodthing? Is that a good thing?

Can I burn it anyway?

Yahoo/googlebots regularly come through and update the sites for their searches, thus as more stuffs added, you can get more hits through people searching on the net for something.

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Update on this. Roughly once every 3 or 4 months I notice a new Robot / Spider on the board that is totally new and brings with it soemthing like 30 to 40 guests as it probes the board until I add it to the Robot list.

If I disable it that would basically stop the board showing up on search engines. As it's more of an annoyance it's not an option to do that.

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