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  1. Was surfing Wikipedia today looking up some videogames a friend told me about when I stumbled across something interesting. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Outer ... entele.PNG This is from the game, Snatcher, which looks to have been heavily influanced by the Bladerunner movie. The image is cut in half at the middle. Upperhalf is the original, japanese version, lower half is what made it to america.
  2. He's back! I was afraid my contribution to your stories was too much for you to handle and that Rabid ate you out of boredom.
  3. If fighter guyver was killed earlier.. there would be no Rabid.. or maybe there would.. but he'ld just be sleeping on a big empty rock and no one would ever find him. And that would be sad.
  4. Owe? You still owe someone a picture of a certain contest winner eating nachos out of Jehuty's skull.
  5. Well, it's not cannon by any means.. but in my Bloodstorm fictions, a Tiger bonded with a guyver unit. I can't tell you any of the phsycics behind it, as at the time I wrote that character I was less concerned with how things worked and more concerned about nifty fight scenes.. aaaanyway. My theory is that a guyver animal still acts like a normal animal for the most part, they just have a habit of living longer than their normal kin, so that they would experiance more, and allow instinct to adapt over time, since it could live through mistakes it would never manage on it's own. Thus after
  6. Could be worse than that, you know. Sho COULD just give Agito the mother of all wedgies at that height.
  7. There will be one. They have the rights to make two more movies, and the first movie sold enough they know people will go to see the next to. So a sequal's coming. Probobly be another two or three years in the works.. but it'll happen. If unicron shows up at all, and that's a BIG if.. it would make the most sence for him to show up in the third movie, simply due to the fact that it would be crazy hard for them to top that in a follow up without ressurecting him or doing something stupid like that.
  8. Yeah.. I really hope they don't use Unicron in the movies.. He was a great villian back in gen1.. You know.. when he was only around for the movie. Just becuase he's a giant planet eating monster doesn't mean he needs to be seen every single effing time someone mentions transformers. Sometimes villians are awesome becuase of how they're defeated. Having them come back from the dead over and over only serves to cheapen that. Unicron is one of these villians. Also, for those who didn't realise. The tank was mislabeled in the movie. When he said his name was Devistator, that was simple
  9. I fully await the day I can transplant my conciousness into a 70ft tall mechanoid and go for a stroll in a highly populated city fireing my weapons at anything in site. That's the joy about super-technology.. it only has to be good enough to keep your brain-in-a-jar alive untill the next advance in super-technology comes about.
  10. Vrooooom! Vrooooom.. Skrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeach! Sunday sunday sunday, Guyvercross 2k7! Thrill as these giant quantum computers crush hoards of guyvers beneath oversized wheels of doom! Chill as Anubis makes a guest appearance.. Recoil in horror when Matrix Zilla bites him in half! Adult admission, the price of your soul, kids and old people not allowed without a substancial bribe of oreo cookies. (This add paid for you by whomever pays for fake adds in forums)
  11. Like your capable of one of those anyway.
  12. So, is he an emeril Legasse Fan? Nah.. he hates Emeril... he's more of a fan of Giada and Barefoot Contessa. He thinks Racheal Ray needs to die though.. die painfully.. and slowlly. Even the worst horrors his master Anubis can thrust upon her wouldn't be enough pain to satisfy rabid's hatrid of Racheal Ray. Or is that MY hatred? I get those confused sometimes.
  13. and the next series will be the Rabid saga.. in which rabid will learn the joys of domestic life after marrying a lychanlord queen, and he'll sit in his lazy boy recliner watching the cooking channel all day. How he does that without eyes is up to anyone's guess.
  14. I know you didn't say rabid would win.. but since Rabid's my creation, I'ld like to think he could take him/her/it... Call me biased that way. Of course.. such a fight might not even happen, since the order might be able to obtain the second true W'kar for themselves. Oooooh... could you imagine Rabid with the True W'kar? I know he's allready boosted but that would be such a treat.. and one of Rabid's key personality traits is loyalty, even beyond lychanlord conditioning, it would take something of amazing magnitude to make him betray his master, even if he suddenly outclassed him in power
  15. Hrmmm.. Rabid could probobly take out True W'kar2 since it's a fresh activation and it wouldn't have enough time to evolve quite yet.. however, if the W'kar feeds off the fear and panic of the host in that huge skirmish, it could potentially evolve pretty quickly. And of course.. that's assuming that the true W'kar2 even NEEDS to evolve since it's not damaged like Anubus's was.
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