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  1. Well its been some time since I posted on this piece, and I have an update. I turned that oneshot of mine into a story that already has 24 chapters and growing. Its a crossover titled, 'When BioWeapons Collide', featuring Sean Barker from the movies, and of course the main crew of Guyver. But thats not the crossover part. That part is of [PROTOTYPE]. If you remember the game, the main character was Alex Mercer, one of the most powerful game characters ever created. I was amazed I was the first person to think up this crossover, and its got a growing fandom. I'm trying my best to keep the characters as close to cannon as possible. Still needing some help with the Zoalords though. I know a good handful of them haven't shown what they're capable of, and I'm waiting to see what they can do. Here's a link if anyone wants to take a look at what its about. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8275672/1/ ... ns-Collide
  2. Have no clue what's being said in the latest of Guyver. Guyot got away from Guyver 1 and Apollon, GF2 was last seen chatting up with a weakened Aptom, and Tetsuro was a playing a Zoanoid fighting game with Archanfel on Silha island... that last part is something I thought I'd never say.
  3. Almost thought she was like a half sister or something. So is she pulling the typical revenge for her beloved brother stick? Also, hypothetically speaking, if she somehow managed to get the Gigantic upgrade, would that repair her control medal into a full one, or not? I was thinking this the other day when re-reading the manga.
  4. Has there been any new updates to the current story? Last I saw was Mizuki and Tetsuro were trapped on Silha island and were saved by a Zoanoid from a tiger.
  5. I originally started a piece of fanfic as a oneshot over at FanFiction.net but some reviewers wanted to see more, so I'm giving it a go. And in the up coming chapters I wanted to introduce one or more of the Zoalords, but im lacking in a bit of personal info on any of them. Powers, positions of power and control, things like that. If it helps its starting a little before the Gigantic Guyver makes its first appearance, so all Zoalords are still alive, hasn't started plotting against Alkanphel just yet. Any help would be really appreciated.
  6. Wait, what'd I miss? Aptom merged as an armour around Guyver 1 which gave Guyver 1 access to Aptom's cloaking. Sweet
  7. I know it won't happen, but for some reason imagined Agito with an army of Female Guyver 3s after reading the piece on cloning Shizu. Even worse, Shizu harem. But that aside, I so want to read this next part.
  8. Pretty sweet, though to me felt more like something from Onimusha.
  9. Not very much Guyver art, but I've got a page there. http://blackimpulse.deviantart.com/
  10. Kinda like the idea of Captain America with a Guyver unit. I could see him having a shape/build similar to Guyver 0, but in a lighter color considering the personality he has. Not to mention his combat experience. He'd be one mean Guyver to come up against.
  11. Yup, would be a good guess. Sweet. Looking forward to it.
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